An Egyptian living in Europe but her heart stayed back home. Having some random thoughts about the before and after pictures. Ghawayesh means bracelets. In my context it symbolizes the cuffs of my culture. I don't know if I like them or hate them. Thanks for passing by.

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I started this blog in 2006 as a joke. Now that I look back, I have decided to take it seriously!

10 November 2014

03 September 2014

25 August 2014

The Chicken VS The Eggs

So when you're afraid of eggs..

Would that make you a chicken for eggs?

Terribly eggy situation coming ahead.

May the Holy Pan have mercy on my poor vulnerable soul. 

24 August 2014

Goldfish Letter

Dear Goldfish,

I am writing you this, blub, letter to express how much I missed you.

The aquarium felt so empty, cold, and dark without you. The fact that you're back makes the sun shine through the ocean, and the algae seem greener.

I hope you wouldn't consider this anything other than a fishy kind of love. Mind you, I don't want to have your little caviars or anything. I just love having you in my waters, so we can have our little daily adventures in finding Nemo and the likes.

I feel safe from sharks and much appreciated. I hang on your strong fin with that fish tattoo (your great granddad?), and feel like I can beat a war submarine.

So happy you're safe and didn't fall into the capture of some evil fisher's net.

Yours Blubbly,


21 August 2014

The National Smear Campaign

For some odd reason, every single time I meet a foreigner living in Switzerland, they start to bitch and whine about the unfriendliness of the Swiss people!

This special observation is particularly magnified in people from North and South Americas, Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia.. Hey, hold on... Who's left?!!

Even a Swiss friend who grew up in Brazil (and therefore has an accent), is complaining! 

Some weeks ago we had dinner with Argentinian friends and the lady told us horror stories about people treating her badly in shops. Mind you, the lady is filthy rich but doesn't like to look like it. 

A couple of days ago I was in a bootcamp training with 9 other ladies and our coach, all foreign, and there was a poster on the wall stating the 10 commandments of the gym- which I hadn't read in advance.So, while we were busy training, one lady shouted with a sarcastic tone: "Rule #2 must be for the Swiss!"

I tried to figure out what it would be..No Fondue while you do?Yodeling in the class is not permitted? Don't say Chuchichäschtli to pregnant women and children?

As the class finished, my curiosity led me to go check out the poster.

2- Smile and be nice and friendly to others.


I drove back home thinking, I love Swiss people! Do I need to see a shrink now?!!

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