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01 November 2006

Blast From The Past.. Driving in Cairo

It happened about 10 years ago but I'll never forget it. It was early in the morning and I was bringing my 10-year-younger sister (who's very very sweet & delicate unlike her evil big sis.. Hehe) to her school by car. We had just left the house and the weather was so beautiful & fresh, and I was so relaxed behind the wheel of my father's huge Mercedes telling my sister jokes 'n stuff. We were driving in Baghdad street in Korba, Heliopolis, when all of a sudden some maniac came out from a side street cutting our way with his car. My heart almost stopped trying to avoid landing with my front into his side. All I could think of was that I didn't want my sister to land on his lap! Anyway, God saved the queen and we did not land into anything but still made a dramatic stop with a very loud squeak of the breaks. That maniac didn't even take a glance in the mirror to see what might have happened, and just drove away.. Behind me there was a little Fiat127 car that of course had to stop because of me with a distance of less than half a meter I would say.. In it there was another "man", who, of course, stuck his head out and called me "hmara, cannot drive, etc.." I was so angry cos it was just so unfair from the two of them to spoil my day, but I just never swore back at people in traffic, at least in the presence of my sister, so I didn't reply.. In my fit of anger, I put the gear on first and stepped with all my power on the gas. And VOOOOM, the car jumped...... BACKWARDS... MY GOD, MY FATHER'S CAR'S GEAR IS THE OTHER WAY AROUND FROM WHAT I'M USED TO IN MY CAR.. Needles to say, I landed with all the weight of my holy cow on the poor guy's Fiat.. Against all the laws of physics, whilst his car instantly had become to resemble a flower (!), mine did not have a scratch (Mercedes Mercedes ueber alles!). What had happened next was really like a nightmare. In a second the guy with the smashed car jumped out of his car and was heading towards me. He held the handle of my door and I could see the devil in his eyes. I was so scared of him especially that my sister was mortified and I felt so protective of her. So I just drove off, maximum speed! Guess what, the idiot wouldn't let go of my car. So I had him hanging on my car for a couple of seconds before he slipped and fell on his face in the middle of the street. My sister was wailing.. As I raced away from the scene of the crime, I looked in the mirror to see him lying there like he was playing "Return of the Mummy", trying to raise his arm asking for help.. I dropped my mortified sis at her school and raced back home and cried all day.. Ten years later, only this summer, my sister suddenly said to me: "..You shouldn't have smashed that guy's car. You should have forgiven him".. "Oh my God, all this time you thought I did that intentionally?" I said..

"I Just cannot drive"..............

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