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03 November 2006

Fat Chance Belly Dance

(Originally created on July 23rd 2006)

Just got back from Egypt. Had the usual combination of best/shittiest time of my life. Nothing in-between. No moment was so so!

Too many impressions as usual.. But a thought for now.. I was just wondering if a considerable percentage of the Egyptians is becoming morbidly obese.

I spent 5 days in Agamy (town at the west coast of Alexandria, and yes I'm still stuck in the Agamy era, sorry!) and I was stunned by how fat people are becoming, especially the children. It looked like morbid obesity is hitting our nation not only in the ass, but also everywhere else!

I'm not talking about being a bit chubby or having problem areas, I'm talking about becoming human elephants, about affecting the Richter Scale as you run around, about causing a tsunami every time you hit the sea, about becoming diabetic and having killer blood cholesterol levels since childhood!!!!!!

As I was at the beach, my son made friends with a boy and a girl around his age, and I got into a conversation with their mother, who asked me if my son was sick because he looked so skinny! I thought holy God those people are sick AND in denial. She simply believes that the two fatsos she has are the perfect kids.

During that day, the beach guards have managed to save a woman who I thought was a whale about to be beached, and that got me to wonder why a fully dressed fatso that cannot swim would go into high sea while the black flag is at mast.

A more or less related thing I have noticed as we arrived to our Agamy house, was that my mother freaked out because the satellite dish didn't work, while she hardly noticed the absence of water for two days! But for all honesty I have to admit she wanted to follow the devastating events of Lebanon.

Another incident, my sister went to Marina at 7 AM to spend a day at the ladies' beach, and the town looked like it was dead until MIDDAY when she finally found an open cafe where she was received by a m3ammas waiter in his pyjamas!

And then I thought.. Is it all due to the dish addiction that we're becoming so fat?

Or is the whole nation becoming a bunch of bats who have nothing else to do but talk the night away while consuming a million calories a night?

Now WTF was the mother of this boy thinking?
The Mostafa-Thinks-He's-Cute Video
(Oh and one more thought, Mostafa, if you keep doing this belly dance show beyond the age of 10, especially in weddings, you will be sorry!)


The Usual Suspect said...

I think I've found a soul sista!
I was in Agamy too in June/ July- yes, like you, I live in the era before Agamy became zabala- and I laughed as I read your blog.
My sister, who is now the size of a bus, lives in Egypt and the whole time I was visiting kept telling me that I needed to eat because I was too skinny. Everytime she emails me she tells me to stop going to the gym and if I dare to complain about something so slight as an itchy toe- well, it must be because I don't eat and I go to the gym!
I totally relate to everything you're saying but my biggest bug bear when I was in Egypt was the obsession with face whitening creams like Fair and Lovely! Everywhere I went there were women asking for face whitening cream and people trying to sell them to me. They were flabbergasted when I said 'no thanks, I actually like being brown'.
It took me an hour to buy some hair dye because I took my sis in law with me who insisted that I should dye my hair blonde. Blonde! Do you know how ridiculous I'd look with blonde hair? Michael Jackson comes to mind here! She just couldn't understand that I liked having dark brown hair and brown skin and that I actually didn't have the fear of God in me that going out in the sun might make me darker.
The Usual Suspect

QueenAlyaa said...

Now I more tend to think that we're twins separated at birth?!! :D

I could have exactly written what you posted. I call this cream Fair and Fugly!

U.S. do you have a blog?

Raouf said...


"Is it all due to the dish addiction that we're becoming so fat?"

The dish is one thing, but there is a whole different lifestyle changes that are also causing this.
-Children consumption of super sweet soft drinks that pump zillion of empty calories,
-Adults drinking Fairouz like crazy. Let's face it, it is beer without alcohol and with added sugar, it still give you a beer belly.
-Fast food take out (with tons of grease and oil) very late into the night while watching dish networks.
-Going out till 2 AM (including drinking and eating) because during the day, the streets are crowded and the black cloud is blanketing the city.

QueenAlyaa said...

I totally agree Raouf.. Do you know that we have candy factories more than any other production companies in Egypt?!!
Isn't it sad that some parents consider feeding their children anything they wish for as a sign of love?!!

The Usual Suspect said...

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