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04 November 2006

The Obscene Post

I have been down in the last couple of days. Cried my heart out under the shower. If you've been on a holiday in Mars then I should tell you why, it's the Eid incidents ya fakeek!

You see, I do not know ONE female in Egypt who wasn't sexually harassed. As a child of 5, I was molested by one of the guards (very old man) of the sporting club my family went to. As a teenager, I was harassed and abused by an older cousin and another relative. As a student, I ONCE got onto a public bus and you know the rest of the story (Please hold this thought.. Isn't it sad that you know the rest of the story?). At work (in Egypt), I was almost raped by my boss who, to the outside world, was happily married to this wonderful lady, but he was nothing more than a fat pig with chocolate salty balls!

Thankfully nothing major happened, but it did definitely leave its marks on me. I get attacks of "unexplained"(roll eyes bel2awy!) anger at the mention of men and women and relations in Egypt.

Now my two younger sisters got their boobs and genitals touched and squeezed at least once a week on regular basis, until one of them landed in depression and refused to leave the house and doesn't even open the door to anyone who is suspected to have a penis. The other (newly wed) moved to live with her husband in the middle of nowhere and has a huge guarding dog trained to bite off any penis upon request. (Enjoy the thought guys, evil grin).

Now if you're the type of person who thinks of rape and harassment as the woman's fault, then please bugger off and never read this blog again and I hope to God you die and live to eternity with a hot and glowing pole up your hole. Amen.

Now the sharameet at the Ministry of whatever the bug it's called, Interiors is it? Interiors my anus, what do you exactly understand under Interiors? Huh? Is it the guts you're filling all day and farting the night away afterwards? What exactly are you doing ya sons of puppies? only when women and peaceful demonstrators march out you come out and molest or beat the crap out of them? God is watching you in case you think of yourselves as big brothers. Oh and speaking of big, I suggest you do nothing about those Koroosh of yours!!!

Oh yeah back to the Ministry of Interior Kaka. Now you deny what happened because none of the young ladies reported abuse. We7yat ommokoo? Since when do we dare open our mouths and speak up of abuse? You ruin our lives and we become the face of sin if we did. Mesh keda walla eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh?

In one of my next posts I will discuss verbal abuse. Which is sometimes even worse than the touchy feely poky grappy fingery squeezy pinchy slappy stuff.

Nothing works with those bastards. Please don't start the old religion and manners song. That's history ya baba. Now it's war time. Fear is the master of all manners and nothing will stop them but fear. I do not want to leave this earth before this terror of women in Egypt stops.

Castration is a great option. (You should see my face as I write this)

Have I ever mentioned that I have received some training in surgery and am willing to apply it upon request? (Big mother-bugging evil grin)

Okay I feel a bit better now. Thanks for listening.

Oh not really yet actually.. One more thing then: Tfooooooooooooooooo!! (a huge slimy one)


Have a nice day.


Raouf said...

Well said your majesty!

This is a disgrace to everyone, those who participate and those who turn the other way.
I do not have close young relatives in Egypt so I did not know that things had become that bad.
There are very mixed emotions in reading this post, one one hand I am elated that someone is telling the truth like it is, on the other, this is such an ugly truth it makes my stomach turn.

Keep up the honest and frank outlook.
We can all use it.

QueenAlyaa said...

Thank you Raouf. You know, men like you make me regain trust that not "ALL" Egyptian men are holes!
I would appreciate it if you stick around and give some of your insight. I like sane people around me especially when I am searching for the mind I lost in the chaos.

The Usual Suspect said...

At 19 I had a breast reduction becasue I used to go home crying everyday from the abuse. I wanted them cut off- that's what abuse in Egypt did to me. But cutting them off didn't make the abuse stop. Being molested on the streets and on public transport was a daily occurence. If not by their filthy hands then by their disgusting words- adi shobaan Misr!
When I visited earlier this year I rang my husband who is a khawaga and was lamenting the fact that I was still getting abused and humiliated on the streets. Poor innocent khawaga said that next time he would come with me to Egypt and then nobody would dare say anything if he walked beside me. I told him that if he was with me it might be worse- at every corner we would have to produce proof that we were married and men would assume that I was open game- meat for them- since I must be prositute to be with a khawaga, right!
I love Egypt dearly, but I know that I could never live there again. I just could not handle the sexual abuse and humiliation.

Thank you so much Queen for opening up about this. It needs to be said. It needs to be out there even though I know only too well the pain it has caused you to write it because I feel it too. Better stop now before I start crying.

Raouf said...

@the usual suspect

"Better stop now before I start crying"

Go ahead cry your heart out, we are crying with you.

The Usual Suspect said...

Thanks raouf
Nice to know you're there for us.

nightS said...

it's like you read my mind..i have been saying what you said since forever...i even talked about it a month before the incident happenned in the feast...and bardo..the girls are blamed...and you know what's funny? talking about religion as you said kol marra...fakreen en elmawdou3 has a religious basis...which is bullshit as you know...and what's funny too is tla2y elnas beted3e rabbena yehde elbanat elmoslema w tet7aggeb...ka2en mafish any other religions in the country(i'm a muslim msh mota3aseba wala 7aga) elle howa law makanetsh muslim aw mo7agaba yel3an abouha tet7ere2 b gas m3affen....
nice post although "la 7ayat leman tonady" toul ma7na 3aysheen f mogtama3 zokoury mota7'alef hanefdal bena7'od 3la afana bel gazma el adeema....rabbena ma3ana yabente...

QueenAlyaa said...

Thank you Night for vsiting my blog. I agree on all you said. But how come you are so realted to Egypt? Do you vivst Egypt often? Your blog is very nice btw.

moussa_asfour said...

hi queen thanks for opening this up i agree with what u said and specialy the fact that "the old religion and manners song" is actually usless. see i have another prospective i do agree that the abusers ARE guilty but i dont believe there completely guilty cause actually we have to look at the mottive that's motivating these perverts.

look every teenager in egypt graduates with a dream to get a job and GET MARRIED thanks to the lack of jobs in the country teenagers arnt getting married fa he keeps holding down the sexual beast inside him until one day he just can't hold it down anymore its human instinct fa he does what he does...i don't claim he's inocent but we must look at the big picture its the societys problem we should all take the blame...

thank you
if u have any sugestions u could contact me on

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