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03 November 2006

Omar Effendi Becomes Sheikh Omar!!

FINALLY! Omar Effendi has been sold to the private sector!

And guess who bought it? THE SAUDIS!!!

Now I am looking forward to going shopping there. Hee hee!

All those huge companies like Sidnawi, Shemla, Ben Zayon, Ads, Rivolli and Omar Effendi, have been for way too long infested with mowazzafeen of the public sector.

Can't wait until they're all sold, don't care for who, and a new generation of companies should replace them, full of young enthusiastic employees, who are NOT the mowazzafeen type!

The Kuwaitis offered 300 millions for it a couple of months ago.

And I think the buyers paid more than 600 millions, but the thugs ruling us took most of them to buy their kids new hummers.

Well at least those 82 huge department stores won't be wasted on selling grandma's underwear anymore. That was the ONLY good thing you could buy there for the last 50 years! Weird types of cotton underwear!

Do you think Omar will soon be selling thongs? :D

A couple of questions for the Egyptians only:

How do you feel about selling such huge Egyptian companies to foreign investors of the private sector?

Would it change your view and attitudes towards a company after knowing that it's owned by foreign investors? How?

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Mazagangy said...

acually i think the problem isn't the selling process it's the concequences of selling...those dozens of employees they should know how to deal with them..selling should be with suitable fair to private ownership i think if the state can't efficiently manage companies and they're losing..then selling them would be better..once the motive of profit is there,every one will work harder

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