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08 November 2006

To All the Attention Whores I Loved Before!

First off.. Define freedom!!

So the boys and girls growing up in the modern times have, of course, different definitions of things. That's logical and acceptable. Times change and so do people.

But somethings have to stay the same. They just gotta be the same. Take the 10 commandments.. You can't just say it's 2006 so it's kewl to be a motha fukka!!

You simply cannot fcuk your mother, any time, any where, you just can't.

Now that the times have changed, and some of us have managed to start their own blogs to practice the freedom of speech they longed for, a new generation of attention whores has emerged. Creatures that have no understanding whatsoever of democracy or freedom.

I mean isn't this message clear? : "I do not want Mubarak".. Or "I hate Mubarak's policies".. Or even "I hate Mubarak".. Or even worse "He's dumb and fat"..

But what does calling him, or anyone else you disagree with a "Ibn el-moa7allel" actually mean? Or calling his mother sharmoota and his father kalb?

Now I have never in my life heard or read those phrases in a democratic and civilized debate.

This is not yet the morale of my post. Please read further..

Now when an irresponsible retard starts a blog just to throw mud at the prophet, any prophet, to call him names and make up stories about his life, then it's about time to gaze and think: Is this really freedom?

Or is he just another attention whore?

I was very happy when I started reading all those blogs of young Egyptians who have proven my stereotyping wrong. I though the youngsters among us were the ultimate hayafa nation..

I was wrong. Some are incredibly educated and mature for their age. But some others simply need to be rehabilitated.

On top of the list is the ahbal author of this blog called Democratic Egypt, Mr. Maged Salamah. Scroll down and read what he has to say about Islam, Muslims, and the prophet Mohamed.

In my worst of the worst nightmares, I have never seen a Muslim bash at Jesus or call him names. So why dare do the opposite?

That's not freedom ya shater. That's lack of tarbeyah.

Now, his last post was on Monday, July 31, 2006. Afterwards, nothing was ever heard of him. He disappeared without a trace.

I am sure his mama isn't happy now.

But I'm also sure he's receiving the education his mama has failed to give him.

And I am sad to say I am not feeling the slightest compassion with him.

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Forsoothsayer said...

some of us young egyptians believe in absolute freedom of speech, which entails absolute freedom of speech. i have heard PLENTY of Muslim people insult Christianity by the way. they do it all the time, and you can't be offended because "they're just trying to understand". but i wasn't offended, because i believe in absolute freedom of speech, even though i know they meant offence.

the greatest argument in favour of freedom of speech is: if something is the truth, it can bear examination. the truth will come out if it really is the truth. u shouldn't be afraid to have your faith questioned.

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