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02 November 2006

Za New Look Phenomenon!

Now one of the new expressions that REALLY tick me off is getting a : "New Look".

I don't know which moron first used it, but I bet my descending colon it's some Lebanese anorexic mozza with some zeppelin boobs on some "digested" channel. Now what on earth does that mean? What do women do to have a new look? Dye the hair blond and get a new haircut? Shove colored contacts into the eyeballs and walk around scaring the shit out of little kids? Buy a whole new wardrobe that shows all the ass-ets? Go under the knife? I find this such an extreme contradiction to the tsunami of religiousness sweeping Egypt off of her feet. Is it that the modern Egyptian woman either becomes a black tent or a clown? Nothing in-between? Why are we becoming so extreme? Why can't we just be "normal"? If such thing as being normal ever exists!!

Once I didn't go to Egypt for a whole year (I usually go at least 4 times a year and still see strange changes every time I go), but that one time I missed the scene for 12 months I was simply mortified! I was like, what the hell happened to women's eyebrows? And what's this strange slutty attitude? In the mean time, I was like whoaaaa, where did all those covered women come from? It was a very weird feeling of feeling like a total misfit.

Can't we do *anything* in moderation



The Usual Suspect said...

Love your blog.
Totally agree with the way us Egyptians do everything to the extreme- have you seen the hijab fashions lately LOL!
I didn't go to Egypt for 13 years so imagine how shell shocked I was when I visited earlier this year.
Funniest/strangest/weirdest/scariest thing I ever saw was a woman wearing a hijab in tight black pants, skin tight bright pink top, 10 inch platforms and a face that looked like she let her 2 year old do her makeup. Not attractive. Not attractive at all!

QueenAlyaa said...

WOW U.S. you're here! Welcome my dear! Thanks for dropping a comment.

I think I saw the same woman LOL!!

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