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01 July 2007

The Phone Book

What's with the Egyptians and phone manners? People call you at any time- day or night-and expect you to be ready to talk for hours over nothing! And nowadays they give you "a ring" on your mobile so you would call back, considering that you're the rich one who can afford it (!); use the phone to bug the hell out of girls (but hopefully the Internet addiction made this one less severe); and use the mobile phone cameras for all kind of indecent purposes, etc..

Why are we so evil??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And why do people sound so rude on the phone?

I could simply kill someone with my bare hands who keeps saying: "Aiwa Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen?"

This is an average conversation with an average dumbass:

Phone rings, pick up:

- "Aluuuuuu, aluuu, aluuu, aluuu, aluuu, AaaaaaalU!!"

(of course you're trying to talk but you can never be heard amidst the chaos of Aluus!)

- "Yes this is (I say my name), is this so and so's house?"

- "Aiwa meen.. Aluuu!!"

- (As I said before!): "This is Fulana 'l-Ful.."

- "EAH?" (Whaaa?)

- "This is Ful.."

- "Aaaalu!"

- "AHllo!" *sigh and* "May I please talk to Mr. So and So?"

- "Aiwa, a2olloo meen?" (Yes, who can I tell him it is?)

- "This is FULANA EL-*Friggin'* Fulani".

- "Aiwa meen 7adretek ya3ny?" (Yes but who are you anyway?)

*Totally pissed off*- "I AM DOQTOOOORAH Fulana 'l-Fulani , GIVE ME SO AND SO RIGHT NOW!"

*Totally humble mumble*- "7ADER, one second."

T(eHHHH)wenty minutes later, during which there was a cat-fight with the kids heard on the other side to not to hang up the phone..

So and So takes the phone:

- "Aluuuuuu."

_ "Hello, this is F..."

- "Aluuu, aluuu, aluuu, aluuu, AaaaaaalUUU!!"

- *Tears*


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