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25 September 2007

To A Mouse Called Birgie Num Num

If I were a mouse
And could run around the house
There are plenty of things I'd like to do
Like run under chairs
And try to climb the stairs
And scare my 4 kids a little too

I could fit in the cracks
That lead behind the bath
And see what insects were down there
I could go high and low
Go where only mouses go
And wander around without a care

I could eat all the cheese
Without ever saying please
And watch what other people do
From my place down there
And with my agile mouse-like flair
I could scamper up, around and through

But then there's the cat
Who would think I was a rat
And I wouldn't want to get caught in her teeth
So I'd make myself small
Wrapped up in a tiny ball
And roll myself under her feet

If I were a mouse
I would never leave the house
There'd be lots of new things to do and see
But I wouldn't go outside
No, especially not at night
So I think a person's what I'll be

©2002 Gareth Lancaster

Get a life Mousy. :D

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