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07 October 2008

يا لهوي! أيسلندة فلست!ا

أيسلندا - الدولة - واخد بالك أنت - أعلنت افلاسها من ساعة

هييي هييي هييي

اهئ اهئ اهئ

أخواااانيييي المصريين

بلا نيلة بقى

هذا وبالله التوفيق


Anonymous said...

امال احنا بقى هانعلن ايه؟

^ H@fSS@^ said...

يا خراشي؟؟
ازاي يعني دولة تعلن افلاسها؟؟
طيب و الشعب يروح فين؟و مين يدفع مصاريف مدارس العيال دلوقتي يا ترى؟
بس سبحان الله
لسه كنت بتابع اخبار الجزيرة و قلقانة اوي على الوضع(تقوليش عندي اسهم و خايفة عليها)و لقيت لك الخبر ده

اهم حتة فيه هي التالي وردها
ودعا زوليك إلى إبدال مجموعة الدول الغنية التي تضم الولايات المتحدة وكندا وبريطانيا وألمانيا وفرنسا وإيطاليا واليابان بمجموعة توجيه تضم قوى اقتصادية صاعدة جديدة مثل الصين والهند والبرازيل.
يعني فعلا جه اليوم اللي نقول فيه لو لم اكن صينيا لوددت ان اكون صينيا
او هنديا او برازيليا
فكرك انهي اقرب لينا؟

و قبل النهاية احب اقلك اضحكي بقى شوية و انتي بتقري التعليقات بالذات ابو عامر الله يخرب بيته
مهيس بالقرش كله

رائد ابو عامر

العزة لله ولرسوله وللمؤمنين . نحن ننتظر ان تعلن امريكا والصليبين واعوانهم من الكفره والمرتدين والاحزاب التي صنعوها سواء اسلاميه او غيرها انكسارهم اما المجاهدين (الارهابيين القاعده الخوارج ) سموهم كما يحلو لكم فهم الحق لانهم اصحاب الرايات السود

moral of the comment, this is the time when ppl like me who have nothng in share market or real estate or land ownership dont have the tiniest rat's ass worry about what falls or not since we dont own anything, finally being a normal middle class pays, :D

Ghawayesh said...

Hahahah @ ^ H@fSS@^!

I have no clue how a country can go bankrupt! No clue ya ^ H@fSS@^!

Ghawayesh said...

@ An Egyptian

Exactly my question too!

Raouf said...

It is not unusual for a country to declare bankruptcy (remember that Egypt went bankrupt at the end of the nineteenth century).
India went bankrupt in July 1991 after the first gulf war pushed up the price of oil, the IMF came to its rescue but imposed the condition that India restructure its bureaucracy. They did that and their economy rebounded greatly. They are now a major economy. They bought the largest steel company from England.
Brazil is another economy that was in a deep crisis in the late 1990 but now is also a success story.

The problem is not an Iceland issue but a global crisis of financial institutions. Iceland went down first because it had made those institution the major part of its new economy and they did not have the backing of the Euro.

Egypt was already hit hard, the CASE-30 index lost 16% today.

Ghawayesh said...

Reading your posts is always a pleasure Raouf. Thank you.

WTF? said...

WTF? said...

I found this article interesting:

and I want to know what you gonna say about it!!

Ghawayesh said...

Thank you so much WTF (lol) for the link.

I have a lot to say about this article, but unfortunatley I am incredibly busy at the moment. I promise you a post about that particular news soon.

All the best.

^ H@fSS@^ said...

Harassment in Italy is notorious. But the catcalls I experienced in Venice and Rome pale in comparison to the shockingly sexual statements and shameless groping my roommate and I endured during a visit to Egypt.

i didnt know how to react when i read the above mentioned line, cry or laugh, moseeeeeeeeebah.
heya di masr ya 3ablah, 2asdi ya ghawayesh.

Ghawayesh said...

Hafssa, I hear you.

Raouf said...

This blog has posted repeatedly about the ta7arosh problem and with a very strong voice.
Another strong voice in this issue is the following blog, also by a well spoken spirited Egyptian lady:

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