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12 May 2009

A message from my friend Paul

Paul wrote:

<<< Personally I do not believe in God. I am not interested in religion. I am more interested in how people conduct themselves throughout life.

I have just returned from Cairo. I lived there for a year and have visited many times. Here is what is bothering me.

I keep hearing about how Islam instructs that women should be respected. One of the women I was visiting chooses not to wear a hijab. Everywhere she went she was abused, mostly by males with beards and sometimes by older women. She was shouted at, called a prostitute, spat at, had graffiti painted on her apartment wall.
On the subway men would push themselves up against her to get some sexual gratification. One man rubbed his crotch on her hand where she was holding on to a rail. I saw all this myself.

My question is this. What sort of religion preaches tolerance yet produces so many fucked up people? These were not isolated incidents, they happened daily and were mainly by what I would call Islamic types.

So, any offers? I am not interested in quotes from a holy book. I want to understand how men who go to pray can also be so damned ignorant, intolerant and perverted. I just wanted to punch their lights out every time I saw it but she restrained me.

Paul pretty summed it all up. Thank you Paul.

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