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03 February 2011

Gibran about love. Me love.

Some we love
But we don't get close to them.. as they are prettier from afar
as they are higher from afar.. as they are more precious from afar

Some we love
we desire being near them
share our details of life with them
we get hurt if we had to leave them
and it's so hard for us to imagine life without them

Some we love...
and we wish to live a nice story with them
and we invent causes to meet them
we fake coincidence to see them
and we live with them in imagination more than reality

some we love..
But between us and ourselves only
and we keep silence in spite of the pain
And we don't announce our love, not even to them.. because the barriers are many
and the consequences are frightening
and it's better for them and us to keep the doors between us closed

and some we love..
And we fill the world with their love
and we talk to the universe about them
all the time
we need them.. like water.. like air
and we suffocate in their absence

some we love..
Because we find no other
and the need for love push us towards them
because days are passing by
and life is ending
and time never stops
and it terrifies us to be alone

Some we love..
Because people like them deserve to be loved
and we can't but love them
and so we learn beautiful things from them
and we rebuild many things with them
and we re paint life all over again
and we work so sincerely to give them some happiness.. if not all

Some we love..
But we find no echo for that love in their hearts
and so we fall apart and we break down
and we flop in futile stories
we never hate them
nor forget them
we never love others
and we cry for them after each failing attempt

and some we love...

and it remains only for them to love us like we love them...

"Gibran Khalil Gibran"

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