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08 June 2011

About A Girl (Called Mae)

My friend Mae, is one of the most amazing souls I have ever met. Well, I haven't really physically met her, and I don't know if I ever will, but hey, I have known people for close to a decade now, shared them the most intimate secrets of our lives, without having ever met them in person. Need I say it now? Yes, she is my online friend!

Mae is indescribable in words. You just need to read her tweets to know. So I'll get you some. Mae says:

- Men who open doors for me make my vagina sigh.

- I think I'd pay to see someone who "literally" laughed their ass off.

- 6.8 billion people in the world and I just had to make my own sandwich.

- After extensive research, I've concluded that men's favorite traffic activity is rolling boogers off their fingers out the car window.

- My mom just asked me if I'm bringing a date to my brother's wedding and then we looked at each other and shared a hearty chuckle.

- Another overnight and it appears that I have once again failed to become a household name.

- A lot of stuff is going to have to do with how warm my toilet seat is when I get home.

- If I did my math right, Dad's leaving us soon!

- When your genitals itch that means someone is masturbating about you.

- I totally get why women get married! (I can't lift heavy things by myself)

- There are children in Africa who have to poop without reading tweets on their phones.

- I just fell backwards off a stool trying to get the last few crumbs from a Pringles can into my mouth if anyone needs a wife or something.

- 9 out of 10 urban gentlemen of questionable socio-economic backgrounds on the street agree that I'm totally fuckable.

- I put on a glamorous red dress and heels to watch the royal wedding. Couldn't find a hat that looks like theirs so I guess a fez will do!

- Donald Trump looks like someone had to put him back together in a hurry.

- How normal is it to wear your cousin's "I'm Autistic" t-shirt to avoid conversations with human beings?

- I just got back on facebook and I need a long hug.

- I'm totally into politics. I've asked like twelve people to show me their birth certificates today. I am also banned from the mall.

- If you're being genuinely nice I assume you have a brain tumor pushing on some part of your brain causing this kind of behavioral anomaly.

- Nothing jumpstarts my paranoia like a moist, warm toilet seat with no one else in the house.

I'll be updating this list, so keep coming back.

Isn't she incredible? Mad(e) in Egypt! I love you Mae.

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Raouf said...

I really love Mae and her tweets.
She is unique, creative and intelligent. She is a delight to read.

I love the sarcasm that borders on despair that she is able to portray as well as her personal view of ordinary things.

Not related to this but I also love Marwa Rakha's latest posts after she had her child. I delight in seeing the contrast between her the deep bitterness of her early writing and the new happiness that she is unable to contain.

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