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10 June 2011

The Arty and The Farty

I love to have homemade facial beauty masks- have I ever mentioned that before? OK, now you know. I have a chocolate mask all over me right now. But that's not important right now. Now, concentrate ya Ghawayesh, concentrate!

So, through my work I manage to meet all kinds of amazing people. Day in, day out, I come across stars of their fields: entrepreneurs, engineers, architects, doctors, designers, artists, singers, dancers, physicists, rocket scientists, you name it!

I can't reveal much information about my work, but all I can say is that throughout the day they manage to tell me their life story and show me stuff that they do.

Today I met this incredible young man, whose job is simply to come up with ideas that no one has ever created before. He's a genius crème de la crème Swiss graphic designer! The dude gave me goosebumps for an hour!!!

As he was showing me his work, it hit me how much happiness he could make me feel, simply by flipping through some photos of his work. It was like color therapy or something! This made me think of how much our culture deprives us of so many forms of beauty, yielding us to become taste-challenged! Just look at this:

Anyway, I have to run now so I'll leave you for his work to speak for him. This is a stage he created for a theater play- imagine! ALL with visual effects!! (Got permission to publish those beauties, thank you.) :

Question: Can we ever create this beauty in Egypt? Answer: No. Question: Why? Answer: Because we hit our kids too often on their heads.

Off to soak in the sun in some bella town and dream of a better future for Mankind, not. In fact I'll rot in some dark corner trying shoes on at a random Fendi outlet. Anyway, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or the heart of a D&G shop. *Drool* xx

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