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12 June 2011

Back to where the heart is..

Back home.. This city is truly my home. ♥

Spent my weekend somewhere in the Swiss Alps. Saw Cancellara win Tour of Switzerland! And I even saw his dad do the preliminary tour- so inspiring! The city was so organized to receive the bikers it was just mind boggling! Every biker had a policeman on a motorbike accompanying him, and since there were not enough of them in that small city, they got ones from all over Switzerland. The scene (everything; people and nature) was breathtaking. At every zebra, and I mean every single zebra crossing, there was a person leading pedestrians to their safety. There were so many young men from the army sharing responsibility. It was an experience of a lifetime.

Then I went and blew the budget in some forsaken designer outlet (a moment of self loathing and shoe loving here). In one of the shops I immediately spotted an Egyptian family from their backs only by the size of their asses (his and hers). Made sure they are Egys by watching her whine about some sort of a tight Jeans that won't fit through her titanic butt (as if it's the Jeans's fault). Ga! I just can't stand the way most Egyptian women talk! *Bitch slap a nation*. Besides, research has proved that men who go shopping with their wives have more adrenalin in their blood than what they would have in a fight with ammunition! If you want them to live long; leave them home with a pizza and a beer, ladies!

As we were heading back home on the highway, I couldn't take my eyes off the mountains. Some were totally covered in trees, except for one or two houses high up. Those houses always made me wonder; how were they built actually? How did they reach so high up the mountain with their machines and bricks and all that without having a big road? I need to Google that!

Further down the road, I spotted pipes of a coal mine, and I realized that a great country like Switzerland has in fact minimal natural resources. And that what makes it so great is merely its people! Come to think of it; isn't erecting one city after the other up a mountain some sort of a miracle? A world wonder? I find this just as fascinating as building a pyramid! Why isn't Switzerland a world wonder actually? I mean, really!


Why can't we be like the Swiss? Where and how did it go wrong? A Swiss friend asked me the other day if we were descendants of the original Egyptians who built the pyramids (I know this question offends many Egyptians- but it doesn't offend me of course.), and I said yes supposedly because we look like them. But we *only* look like them. We don't walk like them nor talk like them nor act like them. Hence we are not a duck- errr, I mean the real Egyptians. We are nothing- nada, the scum of the Earth. Just look at what we're doing to our land and compare us to what the Swiss is doing to theirs and let's have a group spit on each other. Blech! By the way, I stopped following the revolution news. Not good for my complexion!

I'm gradually turning this blog into a "dear diary" sort of thing. Hey, it's my blog and I bitch if I want to, bitch if I want to.

OK. Off to check on Twitter hehe. Sincerely, Ghawabitch. Muwah.

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