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16 June 2011

The Barrack of Mubarak

It's getting more obvious by the day that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) is bamboozling us with a so-called democratic ruling, and that Mubarak is still practically in power- especially with his first man, Omar Soliman (Rightfully pronounced in Egyptian dialect: Sillyman), is still officially appointed as member of the SCAF.

Anyway, here's my vision for the near future: They will use the same artist who photoshopped Bin Laden's dead picture to photoshop a dead Mubarak (that reminds me of the Twitter joke: Now we're having a video of Bin Laden watching a video of himself watching a video of himself watching a video of himself dead) , while in fact he will be flown to live happily ever after in Switzerland or something as fancy.

One thing that made me resent our culture is the two-facedness. You hear the SCAF talking and you're like yeah they're OK, while their deeds are the total opposite. They're like an abusive boyfriend who would smash his girlfriend's face only to apologize and declare his love in tears on his knees afterwards.

And whatever happened to the virginity tests saga please?

Boy I'm so grateful I don't have to deal with such people on daily basis. I'm so grateful I chose to hit the evolution by upgrading the genes of my offspring. Phew, that was close!

Off to buy a carpet made in Egypt. For it's a way to keep things running. For I will always love you, my dear dear Egypt. Never mind your people; they don't deserve you. xx

Photo: That's what the Egyptians nickname Mubarak.

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