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09 June 2011

The End Is Here!

I wrote this post in 2006! Here:

Now, here again:
02 November 2006
The End is Near

The next revolution has started already. It's taking the next forms:

1- A wave of cyber-anger summing up. Communities forming and people talking. It's a snowball effect that the government cannot overcome if the ball becomes big enough.

2- The wave of brainwashing the Egyptians with the slogan: "Islam is the Solution", which is turning Egypt into a country of religious freaks who think Islam is only about wearing a veil and growing a beard and hating the West, and being busy with the most trivial things, like making a national case, taking months, of fighting over whether a hole in a bed-sheet during sex is the best way to mate.

3- A wave of violence and crime among the new generation that has too much time and too little money. Be it street-fighting (with or without swords!!), stealing, raping, killing, sabotage, drugs-use, etc.. See the latest events in Down Town Cairo!!

4- A tsunami of people emigrating, especially the Christians and the highly-educated. The demography of Egypt is changing dramatically and it's all because of what's going on (I posted a thread about this once but no-one cared to reply)

5- A considerable number of people escaping from reality and simply going nuts and start wandering in the streets screaming all kinds of weird slogans, including fcuk Mubarak, but hey they're nuts, right?

But I am very scared of this snowball. I'd rather have Mubarak than a state of anarchy in Egypt. You know what could happen if Mubarak is thrown off and no-one is really in charge anymore? There will be a civil war, total loss of control. Women will be raped and houses and shops and museums will be looted and sabotaged in broad daylight. And if the MB take over, then we will be another Iran for God only knows how long. Unfortunately our people, like any other people in the world, need to get some training in what democracy really means (although I HATE this word being abused and overused by Bush and his likes). We Egyptians do not know how to get into a discussion or a fight. It always ends up in insults and bloodshed. Have you just heard of the family fight in Upper Egypt where 5 people were killed? A guy and his cousin got into an argument about the borders of their adjacent lands so one went and picked up his machine gun and killed the other guy's wife with 50 bullets in her belly and also 4 of his children including an 8 month old baby. I am not a fan of Nasser because he had a big mouth that got us into deep trouble with the West, but I now understand the tears in my mother's eyes at the mention of his name. He managed to bring Egypt to unity against monarchy, and to transfer us smoothly into a new system where everyone is supposedly equal without one drop of blood shed. What we need is someone who can direct the snowball into the right direction. An incredibly charismatic person with whom everybody can identify. You know like how Amr Khaled managed to brain wash the young people, but just a politician instead. I mean Amr Khaled is not himself the annoying person. He's actually great in the way he managed to make so many people adopt a better way of life, like this trend of visiting orphanages and stuff ( the so-called Ta3a Gdeeda ) But what ticks me is the mass hysteria around him. Guys now saying: "I'm a good man, I listen to Amr Khaled" And that the person becomes the law and if you object on him you become outlawed. We are losing our identity and do not see the light at the end of the tunnel and it's breaking my heart to see people jump from extreme to extreme being spitting images of each other or of what they see on satellite channels. We can't say Mubarak bugger off without having a post-Mubarak plan. That's dumb and childish. Anger is good, but not enough. But I'm sure one day we will regain our balance and go back to be the great nation we have always been. God didn't say enter Egypt safe in his holy words for nothing. Hope is wonderful. Let's have hope.
The end is near. Whatever that means!


OMG! I should have put that in a book! Loser! -_-

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