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17 June 2011

A Haiku About A Psycho..

My dear gorgeous friend N. is hitting 30. She is so beautiful in every possible way, yet has been so unlucky in love. I keep introducing her to eligible bachelors yet every time she comes to me and says: "You know what, it won't work, he's a psycho."

Last time I did an attempt as a matchmaker; I introduced her to a real movie star! An irresistible Egyptian hunk! And guess what? She wouldn't even call him!! N. is emotionally drained and exhausted of meeting potential partners.. =(

Some people even catch the so-called Sexual Anorexia!

And then I thought; OK, is anyone perfect? Of course not! I think the secret of success of long-term relationships is to understand this rule very very well: WE ARE ALL PSYCHOS! Yes, no one is ever perfect; we all have (horrible) flaws.

Step two: After you realize what's bothering you about your partner, ask yourself:"Is it really worth a fight/breakup?" Of course some are, but so many little flaws aren't!

Of course we can fall in love and fall out of love; and scientifically that takes a cycle of 7 years in humans, yet some people last longer; only by realizing that we all make mistakes; and we all have flaws.

My rule of thumb whenever someone is wondering whether he/she can continue with his/her partner is to ask oneself: "Do I (still) like his/her body odor?". If the answer is yes, then please give it another go!

A plus is to have a fetish about his/her body. In my case my fetish is pecs and strong arms and shoulders. I'd forgive anything for those!

And let me finish with a small Haiku for every beautiful psycho:

"Beautiful chest under a black shirt
my heart goes dancing
.. a Fight"

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Hooryah Badr said...

I wish if I knew this before ZeftMan has gone....It's ok the best teachers are our own stuipidety

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