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08 June 2011

I'm free - Fouad Haddad (My translation)

I'm free - Fouad Haddad (My translation)

I'm free and would die for freedom
And it's my desire to act like lizard
Crawl on the ground and the wall
Go up and down and make a fuss
And go in the sun and play a trumpet

I'm free with my tail and my head
No one is to stifle my breath
No one is to hold my sense

Don't need glass nor curtains
My swinging mind you are so cute
I'm free to live, I want to live
I want to live myself, I live
Just as my wish for wish

Hmmm... I've just realized that the genius of poem is totally lost in translation from Egyptian slang to English! So I'll stop here, sorry Fouad. Hehe.

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