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16 June 2011

Islam is the solution for what exactly?

Read this:

Recent reports of gang rapes in Iran are worrying women and raising questions about social values.

In a religiously conservative town near the city of Isfahan, women at a private party were abducted last month and gang raped at knife point. It was on the evening of 24 May that two families in the leafy suburbs of Khomeinishahr invited their friends to a private party. In total, 14 people gathered in a walled garden.
Wall of garden with gated entrance The private party where female guests were raped took place in a walled garden.

According to press reports, it was late when a gang of more than a dozen men armed with long knives entered the garden, locked some men in a room and tied others to trees. Female guests - including one said to have been heavily pregnant - were taken to an adjacent property and raped.

One week later, a female university student was attacked and raped by unknown assailants on the heavily-guarded campus in Masshad, a holy city.

In both cases, officials accused the victims of not wearing the hijab or headscarf in the proper fashion and general un-Islamic conduct.

So, let's see, Afghanistan is country number one in the world in sexual harassment, followed by Iran and Egypt of the top 10.

Here's a picture from Afghanistan before the Taliban:

Still insist that Islam is the solution? My next article will be about Sharia Law.

Brace up!

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