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12 June 2011

Look, There's Democracy in Mianus!

Back.. Took a look at Twitter, boring. lol

For those who missed the notorious episode of Jackass; I have to explain the title of the post for you. *Sigh* .. Pffff, or you know what? If you don't know the Jackass Mianus episode, go away! (That's easier.. *Sigh of relief*)

So I was thinking, The Mullas came into power through democratic elections in Iran; Hamas came to power through democratic elections in Gaza; The Maleki government in Iraq is supposedly a democratic one brought to us by Mama Amreeka.

Hmmm, perhaps democracy is not the way for us!! The story goes that Ahmad Lotfy Al-Sayed, the great liberal of Egypt, had lost the elections because his opponents spread among the people that he was "democratic" meaning he's calling to allow brothers to have sex with their sisters. Welcome to the Middle East!

Too tired to write.. Should be continued.


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