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17 June 2011

Losing Faith in Humanity

This post will be very difficult to write, as I am now shaking and in tears..

My first real shock was with 9/11, not only when it happened, but also when I found out that it was most probably all a plan by the US to invade Iraq.

My second major shock was the Swine Flu. I knew from day 1 that it was all a huge lie to sell some kind of mysterious vaccination; be it to make profits or to inject the children with something not kosher; in both cases it would be a shame on humanity. Of course I refused to give my kids and shots of those. Add to that the scenes of all the poor pigs who were killed for no reason in Egypt! :'(

But now, here is the straw.. I am having difficulty breathing..

I know so many people and dear friends who would buy nothing but "biological" foods, because they trust them as a safer source of nutrition. I don't. I eat everything- but my friends don't eat everything!

Anyway, now, the EHEC bacteria turns out to be resistant to EIGHT antibiotics, and has been found in a biological farm, right? Let's see what's so fishy about this; a bacteria that is resistant to 8 antibiotics at once CANNOT exist in nature on its own. EHEC is man-made in a laboratory! Two, it has been thrown in nature, and it seems that they chose the place carefully. In a biological farm. Who is trying to send a message to who? Is this yet another evil plan from the pharmaceutical companies in cooperation with the processed-food industry?


As I was having those thoughts.. I stumbled upon this article that makes my doubts even more tangible..

The thought that any of my precious friends would have died in this saga makes me panic. I am here to protect people's health, and I am scared of what I'm finding out.

I am losing faith in humanity.

May you be blessed to live happily and healthy; my precious.

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Raouf said...

There is still a lot of mystery about this strain of E-coli, not sure that it was genetically engineered.
Here are some links

and also

Many have said that they suspected fenugreek seeds from Egypt, yet none were found that had this specific contamination.

This strain of E-coli does not live in cattle. They don't know where it goes when it is dormant.

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