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24 July 2011

Royal Dinner, Brunch, Pool, Lunch, Zoo!!!!!!

You might think I'm a pathological liar after reading this post. It might have been a dream but anyway.. So I have dinner with King A. Fouad, during which he leaned over and said to me: "You have beautiful children, come on over and let them have a swim at our place tomorrow." I even forgot to say thank you. I was too busy searching for my lower jaw.

So we went! The whole tribe just went to His Majesty's house for a swim!!!! Of course my son's first question had to be embarrassing as hell: "Wow. You are the king? Where is your crown?" :/

I was too cold to swim though. I stayed with his majesty for a chat about the future of Egypt. He is a man who truly cares. He really wholeheartedly and sincerely would leave everything behind to go back home and help rebuild what has been destroyed!

He suddenly stood up and said: "It's time to watch Egyptian TV." I stood and followed him to his study. It was better than any dream: He sat there watching TV, behind him the flag of Egypt before the 1952 revolution, and before him was the post-revolution flag. It was like his love of Egypt was unconditional!

As soon as the TV was on, it suddenly hit me: It's 23 July!!!!! 59 years ago, his father King Farouk lost his crown to the revolution! He was watching the speech of General Tantawy with a lot of attention and compassion. As soon as it finished, he turned towards me, smiled and whispered: Ta7ya Masr. I was so emotional and was trying very hard not to turn out into a wleyya with loads of tears and barabeer.

Then we had his favorite lunch. It was so beautiful to see him enjoying Egyptian food so far away from home. =(

Then he offered to have some pictures with us! Still shaking my head!

I thought after that he would kick us out or something. Guess what!! He said he wanted to take the boys to the zoo!!

Come again your Majesty? :O

So he took us to the zoo!! I have never had so much fun in a zoo in my entire miserable life!

I'm still in shock. Could someone who's so high be so humble?

God save the King.

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Raouf said...

If by chance you ever see him again, please tell him that even though his father was reviled by the low level officers who imagined themselves as revolutionaries and wise rulers, his father's stand is still remembered.

When he was given the ultimatum under threat of military action, King Farouk said: "I would rather leave my crown than a single bullet fired against an Egyptian" and he did.

Compare that to the idiot who when faced with hundreds of thousands asking him to leave, turned the snipers of his police against them.

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