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30 July 2011

Zebra Crossing Thoughts


Hope they'd be still open.. I wonder what he looks like.. That is one hell of a pair of pretty boobs!.. I can't get him out of my head.. I really hate those shoes.. Bananas and lentils- should not forget those.. The smell of his sweat, ah! .. Just call her and ask her out.. I can't believe I'll never see you again dad.. Shit I just got my period.. Damn my period is late.. I need a tissue.. I can live forever happy playing that bathroom moment in my head over and over again.. Look at that body! Thank goodness for the ugly face- I'm prettier.. I'm hungry and in bad need for a beer.. Is Zebra black on white or white on black?.. Why are all the good ones gay or taken?.. Oh, sorry.. Need ideas for dinner.. I miss you so much.. Goulash.. I'll start Atkins tomorrow.. I'll quit cold turkey tomorrow.. Oh those lips are the most delicious thing ever.. Must remember the cellulite cream.. I still have the smell of his perfume on my bra.. She-say-do, that's how to pronounce it.. If Peter Piper Picked a peck of pickled peppers, where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked? .. He's a food snob.. I want your ugly I want your disease.. shit my nipples are hard again.. Gym or no gym? That is the question.. He's got such nice feet.. She's hot but her vagina reeks of fish.. I can't stand the sight of my house, I have to clean up this weekend.. Remember to call off the gym membership on time.. Eggs to the pizza dough or no eggs? Gotta call mom.. Bad hair day. Perfect.. I love her but I can't stand her family.. He left me for that?! .. That's the Porshce I want.. Yawza! .. I have to get laid by this weekend or someone will get hurt.. Botox.. Eek! Did someone ahead of me just fart?


(P.s. Yet another attempt for the writers' group. The assignment is to get unique outlandish ideas.)


Raouf said...

Another great post!!
You have captured the pulse of humanity.
It is what every person who tries to meditate must struggle with. It may seem different but it is really the same for everyone.

Ghawayesh said...

Begad? You're the kindest my dear Raouf. Kiss! And what on earth is going on on your side of the world?!!

Raouf said...

I think you are able to access deeper strata and it seems to flow for you. I imagine that you just sat down to write this post without planning and one sentence just followed another.

This post has a universal theme while the other story had a unique Egyptian flavor, only an Egyptian can really appreciate how genuine that last one was. I love them both.
I think that is a major theme for you. The particular local view and the universal one, how they interact. This is the theme of this blog too.
You are on your way to become a great writer and what you will bring out will even surprise you.

On the other hand my part of the world is going nuts. It keeps going for the self-destruct button.

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