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22 August 2011

While The Music Played

While the music played..

I fell in your aura..

Gently wrapped in your scent..

Put my head on your shoulder..

Wishing it would never end.

While the music played..

It played to your heartbeat.

There was no war, no pain..

They found cure to cancer..

There was plenty to eat.

The world was saved, in bitter and sweet.

I closed my eyes,

and kissed my favorite cheek.

While the music played..

I heard you breathing,

it was so soothing,

as if in a desert,

and found a breeze in a shade.

While the music played..

I was your child..

Your mother..

Your bride.

I fought my tears,

for every inch I came nearer,

you took a step further.

While the music played..

I knew in my dreams,

they were just dreams.

(Dedicated to God)

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