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15 September 2011

Encouragement for Hijabis

(This article was originally copied from some forum trying to convince veiled women to keep wearing their Hijab. I have decided to re-write it. *evil grin*)

Thinking of taking off your Hijab?

Let me help you out..

Why you shouldn'tshould stop wearing Hijab…

So here are the common things that people say when they want to take off Hijab.

-I don’t think Hijab is obligatory.

Think with me for a second. Work it with me! Envision this whole vast universe, with all the planets, and the moons and the stars, and the endless galaxies. The universe is so big that the picture we could snap of the furthest end we could reach, took the light 14 billion years to reach us from it! Focus with me! Now do you really think God gives a shit about your hair in such a place? Do you have any idea how big your head is in relation to this ever-expanding universe? Does God have nothing else to mind in this big place he supposedly created? Is this Almighty an ant-fucker* or something?

And why exactly should it be obligatory? Do you know what hair is actually made of? Dead cells! Dead cells are the cause of all this fuss? Men will destroy the world and rape all women because of some dead cells? Are you all OK in the head to believe that?

-Hijab is from the Persians and cultural, not really a part of Islam.

Exactly. Hijab is yet another stupid cultural aspect passed on from ancient tribes and their sick ideologies. It's even mentioned in the Islamic literature that it's not meant to be worn by slaves. How lovely! "Slaves". :/

-What’s wrong with just being modest?

This was the answer in the original article:
Everyone’s opinion on modesty is subjective. One girl might believe jeans and a shirt is modest, while another might believe a knee-length skirt is modest and another might think covering the essentials on a beach is modest! Again Islam came with guidelines from our Creator. If we believe in our Creator, we know that He has sent down Guidance out of His Knowledge of how human beings act or think. Hijab is good for society and for us. The actual exact reason for Hijab is really not known to us. There could be many reasons (physical, spiritual, psychological) and us thinking that ‘it’s just about modesty’ might not be doing justice to why it was made Fard for us.

How about if you raise your kids on this idea: A woman's body is a normal thing to see. It's not a crime to see an arm or a leg of a woman, and guess what, here's a modest non-psychopath human being for you! Repeat, and you'd get a *normal* society whose definition of modesty is to not worry about what women are wearing and not wearing. Doesn't that sound slightly more sane to you?

-I’m getting more attention from guys/men wearing Hijab, so why should I wear it?

Original answers:
"It’s true that in the West, Muslim women get more attention, stares and so on from people while wearing Hijab (sometimes in Muslim countries too!), but in truth Hijab is not there to cover us up and make us invisible. One of the things mentioned in the Quran about Hijab is “so that they may be recognised and not annoyed.” Quran 33:59

So you order a woman to cover herself so as not to be annoyed by other men? How about if you do it the other way around and ordered men not to annoy women no matter what they wear? Rocket science?

-I was doing Hijab for Allah before but now I’m doing it for other/cultural reasons.

Original answer:
"This can happen to a lot of us. We start out wearing Hijab for the right reasons but then down the line our intentions can change and we might be doing it for the people around us, or peer-pressure or even for a husband or any number of wrong reasons. What I’ve learned from scholars is even if your intention changes or if you don’t feel like wearing it anymore, you should continue. Just like if you feel like you’re not getting anything in your Salahs and want to stop, you shouldn’t stop. Just continue and keep asking Allah for guidance. InshaAllah eventually the sweetness of faith will come back to you and will make it a beneficial rewardable thing for you. At least you are lifting the ‘obligation’ from you by continuing to do it even if you feel you’re not getting anything from it."

So if someone hates her whole existence because of that piece of fabric on her head she should continue wearing it? Nice God!

- I don’t feel like I’m a good enough Muslim to wear it anymore.

And you will never be. Because it's simply an abusive sick and twisted ideology. Get over it before you become an irreversible psycho.

- I feel ugly wearing it and need a boost in self-esteem.

Of course you look ugly. You look like shit! And you probably smell like sweaty shit too, due to all those layers. Take it off and you will look, smell, and feel much better. 100% guaranteed.

-No one will marry me while I’m wearing it.

The only one who would marry you in a Hijab is an asshole who would take pride in physically abusing you in all impossible ways. take it off and you have a chance of marrying a human being.

-Muslims expect me to be a really good person.

They should first get their shit together. Meh.

-I’ll wear it again later when I’m a better Muslim.

OK. Just take it off and we'll see to that later.

- I feel like I'm losing my sense of self as a woman and my femininity.

You are. And you are catching depression, hair loss, acne, fungus, miscarriages, bleeding, bone problems and aches, and cancer because of your Hijab. 97% of veiled women have severe deficiency in vitamin D- the sun vitamin. Google it! Nice God ha? ;)

-I think I’m just as good a Muslim without it.

Original answer:
"Really? So we’re just as good a Muslim if we don’t fast in Ramadan or we don’t give Zakat or don’t do other Fard things? We’re just as good a Muslim if we don’t do even recommended things like charity or Sunnah prayers? Doesn’t make sense! Smiley The more good you do, recommended and obligatory things, the better Muslim you are, not the opposite."

LOL @ "Doesn’t make sense". Sense? Really? You know this word? What a load of brainwashing in sewage water!! Don't even do any of the above and you'd still be a good person if you want to!

- I just don’t feel like it.

Good idea.

- I just want a change.

See above.


My ass.

*Ant-fucker: (Double) Dutch expression. ;/

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