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29 September 2011

Russian Marriage For Egyptian Dummies

For those who think my stories are fake or one-sided.. Well, they are not fake, but of course they are one-sided. They are my side of the story.

My name is Ahmed. I'm the youngest son of the Egyptian tycoon Gameel M. I am the apple of my parents' eyes and I do confess of being a spoiled brat. They spoiled me so much that I have become a small dictator.. My life motto was "I want what I want and I want it now". Until I met Oksana- and she stole my throne.

How we met is too boring to mention. I, in the Marriot to watch the oh-so-hot Russian show. She, in the Marriot to perform in the oh-so-hot Russian show.

Of course I was smitten by her beauty. Compared to the local Egyptian cows, she seemed like a mermaid from a fairytale.

We married against all objections of my family. "Don't marry the Russian"; is the first "don't" that I ever heard from my dad.

However, I did marry the Russian.

Let me tell you the Dubai story. Wife physically cried for 24 hours and was shaking so bad she could not get on the plane to return to Egypt. I had to stay another 24 hour in the airport hotel; where she cried for 20 of them. She cried and vomited and physically shook, because, drum roll, I did not buy her a cup of coffee in our hotel foyer last night. I swear on God I simply said: "No, we don't have time for coffee, the shop you want to finish shopping at across the street closes in 15 minutes".

She had spent about 60 thousand pounds there, but I was tired of shopping so I had told her earlier that there will be no shopping on the last day. As if 4 days of 100% shopping wasn't enough; I had to beg for day 5 to be for relaxing. We were staying, just for this last day, in one of the top 10 hotels in the world overlooking the harbor.

Anyway, the "no time for coffee" started her crying and not talking to me. I arranged a limo for her to go from hotel to airport. She vomited in the limo from 24 hours of crying. Airport staff would not let her on the plane because she looked like a zombie. I had to take her to a doctor to get permission the next day for the next flight.

After me saying: "Sorry, honey, I was not cheap, I just spent like a 100 grand on you, the last couple of days"; she finally said the words she said TWO times in her life: "Maybe I was wrong, I’m sorry".

To this day she refuses to admit she said sorry. I can even tell you the time and place. We were at McDonald's (having a coffee, ha ha) before we had to check in to this next day flight. And finally, she said (now I have been saying: "sweetie, I was not cheap" for like 40 hours straight now), when I came from the counter to the table she was at, she said: "Maybe you were not being cheap to me".

Now this is what I live through daily. As I described before there have even been other flights she refused to get on, for holidays, when she was grumpy with me!

I refuse to plan any, any holiday with her. I have had THREE holidays destroyed in the middle of them because she suddenly thought I was cheap. And it is always the coffee. I can be in the midst of any holiday, and if she does not like the coffee, or where the coffee is served, or that I say we cannot have a coffee now; she just shuts down - and cannot do anything other than pout and/or cry.

I ended up having become addicted to whining online about her. And to Russian girls who say that I lie about Russian girls; I say: I'm sorry, I do not lie. 90% of Russian women I know are so much like my wife. It is just the way they are. They are 2 year olds with vaginas that work and brains that do not. They get a lot of value to themselves by being fucked. So if you do them lots and as well as possible they think; ‘wow, I am worth heaps, I am so good, this guy really loves to screw me, it means I am beautiful, it means I am a true woman, it means I am better than all the other women this man knows, because he is choosing to sex me right now, wow, I am the best’.

You can imagine with that going through their subconscious that they really get into it. A man to them is just a tool for getting stuff; money, status, validation they are sexy.

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe of the 10 Russian women I know - it is just a weird clan from Odessa. I don't know. But it is my experience. When you end up seeing the same personality and traits in woman after woman after woman; they must be culture traits.

Hey, I will tell you what the psychiatrist says- who happens to be a woman too (snort). My wife went and only learned that she is being abused by me; since I'm not saying all she wants to hear!

I am so angry at my wife for KNOWING the son had knives and not taking them. And when I found out son was suspended and police were coming; wife said: "You will be angry with me and Adam, because I knew he had this knife, and he showed me knife tricks, but I told him don't tell dad, because dad will take it away, so Adam promised to not take to school. And I believed him."

And, because I get angry- I have abused my wife. When my wife wants me to hold the son down so she can belt him; she calls it punishment. And when I tell son shut up after 20 minutes of arguing; Russian mum turns to me and says: "Do not abuse my son"!!

And this woman psychiatrist; I am going to dump big time on her for the bullshit advice she provides my wife. Women are all the same and they team up I'm telling ya.

So now I have a Russian.. A cold-hearted, pouty, greedy, manipulative, sexy, beautiful, caprice, always right (in her mind), non communicative, bitchy, insecure, rude, bossy and condescending Russian. She would often tell me that I was useless, greedy, cheap and a child. That I didn't buy her enough presents and I didn't make enough money. Basically everything I did was wrong. And no matter how much I tried to please her, no matter how much I poured out my love to her, it wasn't enough. Only in bed, was she satisfied (or at least that's what she said).

Why do I have a Russian? Because there are enough fools and horny men in the world to keep the Russian women busy till the end of the world. And because she holds my neck tight being the mother of my child. I can't stand the thought of her kidnapping him back to Russia.

And now I'm cheating on her, with another Russian woman.

So, you happy man with Russian wife??

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wiseman7070 said...

i swear god .. i feel that u talking about my russian girl that ask me every day to marry her .. the same russian the same mentality .. all of them needs psyciatrist

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