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17 December 2011

Egyptian Army Vs. Swiss Army

This is Farida, my sister's friend, having a photo with the Egyptian army yesterday.

And here's my son, having a photo with the Swiss army.

Enough said.


dina abdel kader said...

not all of the egyptian army is like that actually most of them are not like that every time we went in manifestations against the president they protected us from the muslim brothers , despite the fact that they have been insulted a lot in the last 2 years by the people but they are still protecting us , they die every day for us to live in peace . you are saying that the egyptian army is bad but that is not true you probably formed your opinion from the media that is now controlled by the muslim brothers and other people who want to turn us against the army but i live in egypt i live in the events that happen everyday and my opinion is that the egyptian army is the best army in the world not just because of their history in 56 ,67,73 that is now being taught to all the armies of the world and not because it s mentionned in el quraan that we have the best army but because of a simple interaction that happend between me and them:(they were standing in a very hot day for hours doing their job and their commander was giving them juice so that they don t fall from thirst and one of them saw me and he noticed that i am tired so he gave me his juice )and that s who they are , we were on opposite sides yet they treated us in the best way any army can treat protestors,they show their ennemies mercy so what do you think they do with friends . it s enough to look of how much the pepole were happy and safe when the army came ,to know how the egyptians feel about their army they are our brothers, our fathers ,our husbands,they stand by us and we will always stand by them

Alex said...

More to the point, that little guy your son is a total cutie puppy ;) I bet you had problems getting him back from those swiss army lads. What, you didn't manage? ... they're keeping him as their mascot?!! ... ;) ;) ;)

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