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15 February 2012

God Bless America, The Land of the Free Refills

4:25 AM

The first comment that always comes out of my son's mouth as soon as we step foot on American soil is: wow America people are so big!

I don't understand the amount of sugar and harmful fats added to the foods. Even with meat balls they add so much sugar that a meatball becomes a crossover between acookie and meat. Meatcookies!

I never stop asking why. Why is the government allowing this to happen to the people? Why are the people allowing this to happen to them? This is so sad and needs to stop. America needs to stop killing its own people just as much as it needs to stop mass murdering other peoples.

At the supermarket, it took me such a long time to find healthy food. Among the tons of white bread, sweets, fries, starches, loads of sugar, transfats, hydrogenated fats, added fake sugar, I was left with very little choices. This is insanity, people!

Ha random thought, the passport-control officer asked me: how do I know that you're the children's mother? (I kept my maiden name). I said: "They both look like me", and carried G to pose with the 2 faces next to each other. My son suddenly shouted: "But you have fat boobies" .. I dropped him and died.

Off to make N. milk with honey..

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