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16 February 2012

Smoking.. Out of my ears..

I've just shouted at my mother for coughing non-stop, day and night, since we arrived. How effing annoying is that!!!! Can't stand her anymore, she's coughing like she's about to die any moment now since we arrived 4 days ago!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean, who the hell is this woman? I can't even recognize my own mother in that human wreck anymore! And how dare she do this to herself? This woman, behold, was a top-notch athlete, dammit!

And she sits there, inbetween coughs, to preach all day about manners, self control, God said this, prophet said that, and blablabla while I can't even stand her smell!

I truly hate smoking; it's by far the ultimate form of self-destruction. I lost my mother to a goddamn disgusting habit!

End of rant.

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