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26 February 2012

Home Suisse Home

Please bear with my typos, as I continue to use my ipad, since husband forgot to pay the cable money. lol

I can't believe I made it back home! And I can't believe I'm actually calling Zurich now "home", and it is deservedly so, despite its having just been chosen to be the most expensive city in the world! No wonder!

So the night before our departure, and after 12 days of gorgeous weather, the snow hell broke loose on us! I even had a theatrical fall off a hill under the house and had I been 10 kg heavier I wiud have broken a leg, or an arm, or a neck, but as we Egys say: the life of the bad one is long, tseehee. i raise my head and there was mom in the blacony rolling on the floor laughing at the two mega circles my ass left in the snow. How so effing fun. I hope unknowing passerby would assume the area witnessed the grand landing of a UFO by night.

So0o0o mom looked out if the window and said: u-oh, I smell trouble at the airport. And I said god forbid lol. (I pretend to be all pious around mom, although if she listened carfully, she would definiteky pick the sarcastic pitch of the bitch).

So we goto Detroit airport on time, and before you know it we're being sent from one queue to the next, like we're begging for flights. I was starting to have some emotional resistance to the thought of flying American airlines after what they did to my luggage on the way to the US. Man, they, and to put it down nicely, anally raped my suitcases!

Anyway, some lady approched me in a queue of a plane heading to some unknown destination (No kidding, they just told me to go stand in that queue with about 5000 other frustrated angry helpless zombies), and started shouting at the top of her lungs: " Found her!". Shit what have i done now lol. They took me out and told me that they found seats for us on a Lufthansa flight heading to Frankfurt, but we had to wait 6 hours! For the first time ever, Frankfurt sounded like heaven! I took my, read, NINE bags (yes; of colors, books, and shoes), and went camping infront of the Lufthansa check-in desk. it was actually fun to play with the boys; hide and seek and Spiderman! A while later someone joined in at the next desk, a businessman with fun things to say (i really like men with fun things to say!), and since my stupid phine didn't work, he helped to call my husband and inform him, then he suddenly said to him: I congratulate you for your gorgeous family.


fast forward, we check-in, walk, get undressed and checked, walk, get dressed, walk, go have milke shakes, walk, toilet, walk, sit and play, walk, run, jump, walk, toilet, walk, eat, walk, sit, read, sing, play Spiderman, and before you know it, we're on the plane. Really?!

We're n Frankfurt, great weather, phew. OK, hold on, airport employees are on strike, buwahahahahaah! You know what, fuck snow and all airport employees. Fuck the whole world. Fuck the entire solar system and the nighboring systems. Fuck de la fucking fuck to everyone and everything who stands in my way to my bed right now.

G. Starts to cry and his tears are literally soaking his shirt because of exhaustion. I had to carry him and felt a mini-cardiac arrest.

N. is totally hyper. Ha!

But we made it, they put us on a Little "Swiss" charter and we're off!

We arrive, smooth entrance, smooth exit, and we're home.

What is home actually? Where is home? I alwyas said: home is where my shoes are..

But now I know that home is where the one I love is. Where I breathe the smae air he breathes, and where the name of the place reads his name, and where he sits on the couch to nothing while the kids decorate their cake, and where my shit goes in the same sewage to look for his shit.

I am home and I like where I am.


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