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14 February 2012

It's 5:55:55 AM in MI!

Long but pleasant trip, except for having forgotten/lost my driver's liscence! I feel, besides utterly idiotic, I feel paralyzed! The very kind gentleman at the car rental compnay suggested that I contact the Swiss council here to issue me a replacement. We'll see how that goes, in the mean time, I'll to use the Egy-plan: Fahlawa lol! Since, of course, the Arab cab driver told me how! :)))))

I met a supermodel in the airport, she was so friendly and looked great even without makeup, took a photo with her but I couldn't for the life of me recall her name! Afterwards 3 Americans came to ask me who she was bahahaha!

And in New York, the passport controllers were giving my boys the Hi5s ahahaha! Kewl!

More news from the US, so the daughter of the hotel cleaner who found Whitney's lifeless body Tweeted about it half an hour before the news came out in the media! She tweeted that Whitney had drowned in the bathtub! Yet another telltale in Twitter's legacy. Three years ago I used to think it was going to be a fiasco this Twitter haha! :/

Now I'm off to start an early day. You know what they say: The early bird ate too many worms and died. Uh uh.

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