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07 February 2012

My Lucky Shop..

There's this cute little shop around the corner from the boys' school where I always like to sneak in after their pickup time.

For some odd reason something out-of-the-ordinary happens whenever I'm there.. Something that makes me rethink things- reconsider views- rearrange thoughts- revise judgements- reevaluate decisions.

Yes, all inside that tiny dark boutique.

Take S's incident.

S. is a mom from the boys' school. She has something very special about her. She's stunningly gorgeous, very stylish, and has a body to die for. I saw her almost every day while picking up the boys, but the maximum we exchanged was hellos.

As I walked into that shop some weeks ago- she was there having a friendly chat with the shop owner, who happens to be German like S. To me, and oddly enough, it now feels like home to hear a German chat that I can finally understand amidst my daily dose of Chuchichaeschtli talk!

They both welcomed me and as usual I had something to say LOL! I asked the shop lady if she knew anything about the vacant shop nearby.

- "Why do you want to rent it?", the shop lady asked.

- "I want to start my own art project for children."

- "Art? What kind of art?" S. suddenly sounded like she found a treasure.

I explained to her..

And before you know it, we're talking for hours and hours.. It was like I knew her forever!

Then we exchange visits, and it turns out to be that we think almost like identical twins!

And now we're starting a project together.. Not exactly an art project for children, but something even more intense that I would have not realized or gotten the power to do hadn't I been in the cute little shop, in that particular moment.

I'm amazed by the magic of that little shop.

Of which window I saw a scene today that was a confirmation. A sign. A message.

And I got the message, as loud and clear as the uninhibited screams of the kids I saw running. As much as it felt like a slap on the face for a fraction of a second- not longer; a volcano of energy suddenly burst within me. I put down the stuff I had intended to buy, ran with the speed of light back home, and resumed working on my art project with new lava in my veins.

Peace out, mon chéri, you get courtesy for inspiring my next art collection.


Raouf said...

It is nice when the universe gives us little presents like this.

Are you sure it is just luck that lead you to this obscure place where you found something precious?

Why not tell the lady about your feeling of finding "magic" and see if she has a story to tell you about it.

Or now that you became friends with S. why not ask her if she felt anything "special" in that place (besides meeting you)

Ghawayesh said...

I will, dear Raouf, and in the mean time, I'd like to tell you that you are probably the kindest person I have ever met. We know each other for close to a decade now, and it's about time we met in person! :D xx

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