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29 March 2012

No News: Science Proven Right

You shone just as I wished you to shine.

Keep shining, my precious.

Soul Kitchen*

 Impulsively went to the museum today.

I, am, so inspired.

Life is so beautiful.

I'll go back with the boys, for the tickets are  valid all day. An Egyptian will always be an Egyptian. Ha ha!

*This is the name of a genius club in Amsterdam

28 March 2012

Moon Over Zurich

Spring is back in town..

Time changes things.

 Things change places.

Places change feelings.

Feelings change tones.

Tones change with time.

And time just keeps going on.

Hence, time is the only constant in our lives. It's a fact of Physics, aaaay? \tau (tau), is the rise time characterizing the response to a time-varying input of a first-order.

 My time-varying input of a first-order is Love.

My only constant is Time.

The time constant is used to characterize the frequency response of various signal processing systems – magnetic tapes,  radio transmitters and receivers.

Let's have a test:

My aim now: the moon, sending you love, and you should go brighter with time. 

Aren't you just gorgeous?

My second aim: You. Sending you love, and you should go brighter with time.

As I'm now sending you my love, you are feeling the energy of my lips touching your lips, and my nipples embracing your chest, and my womb safely landing in your soul. Then a magnificent explosion of love could be felt, not heard or seen, just felt and smelled and tasted. Just to you, for you, and in you.

Love changes in the time constant, but it can never be zero, and it shall never be negative.

Energy is matter.

You should feel me by now. My energy is there. Hence I'm there. The total amount of energy in an isolated system remains conserved over time. For an isolated system, this law means that energy can change its location within the system, and that it can change form within the system, but that energy can be neither created nor destroyed.

 It's a fact.

Like the  fact that I shall love you till I die. And perhaps beyond, my energy will keep on loving you.

The moon just gave me a sign back.

And I? I'll be here for a while, lovingly waiting for your sign.

For I believe in science.

Goodnight, moon over Zurich. 


Vot? BTM called? He's a pyramid in my life. Inspiration to write is back.. Merci buddy.

24 March 2012

The Experiment

I have bought a 1x2 meter canvas and the house is too small to do something crazy with it, so0oOo0oo, I have decided to go out in the street and paint on a Sunday morning, while everyone is asleep!

That should be cool!

I hope I won't get arrested for throwing paint around!

23 March 2012

Dubai To-Do List


Art: ??

Meet Ash (prepare proposal)

The Secret

Got this little secret..

And I don't know where to go..

For if two knew about it..

It is a secret no more.

22 March 2012

Your Daily Hororrscope

Feeling better today. Jeez it's like you had meningitis or something.

Perhaps time for a haircut? Hold on, you have to work today!

Eh, Fuck your life.

18 March 2012

I am Egyptian, I am half Jewish, and I am gay.

Coming Out Story: We're Not in Cairo Anymore

Damn why are all the cute ones gay?!!

Egyptian multihyphenate Omar Sharif Jr., grandson of the screen legend, comes out both as gay and half Jewish — and worries that his country's fledgling government will persecute others like him.
By Omar Sharif Jr.

I write this article in fear. Fear for my country, fear for my family, and fear for myself. My parents will be shocked to read it, surely preferring I stay in the shadows and keep silent, at least for the time being.

But I can't.

Last January, I left Egypt with a heavy heart. I traveled to America, leaving behind my family, friends, and compatriots who were in the midst of embarking on a heroic journey toward self-determination. Despite the sound of gunshots in the streets and the images of Anderson Cooper being struck repeatedly over the head on CNN, I left hopeful that I would return to find a more tolerant and equal society. While I benefited from a life of privilege being Omar Sharif's grandson, it was always coupled with the onerous guilt that such a position might have been founded upon others' sweat and tears.

One year since the start of the revolution, I am not as hopeful.

The troubling results of the recent parliamentary elections dealt secularists a particularly devastating blow. The vision for a freer, more equal Egypt — a vision that many young patriots gave their lives to see realized in Tahrir Square — has been hijacked. The full spectrum of equal and human rights are now wedge issues used by both the Supreme Council of the Egyptian Armed Forces and the Islamist parties, when they should be regarded as universal truths.

I write this article despite the inherent risks associated because as we stand idle at what we hoped would be the pinnacle of Egyptian modern history, I worry that a fall from the top could be the most devastating. I write, with healthy respect for the dangers that may come, for fear that Egypt's Arab Spring may be moving us backward, not forward.

And so I hesitantly confess: I am Egyptian, I am half Jewish, and I am gay.

That my mother is Jewish is no small disclosure when you are from Egypt, no matter the year. And being openly gay has always meant asking for trouble, but perhaps especially during this time of political and social upheaval. With the victories of several Islamist parties in recent elections, a conversation needs to be had and certain questions need to be raised. I ask myself: Am I welcome in the new Egypt?

Will being Egyptian, half Jewish, and gay forever remain mutually exclusive identities? Are they identities to be hidden?


Shenouda is Dead?!!

Why am I so shocked anyway?!!! He was very ill for the last 3000 years anyway!

RIP, Pope Shenouda, anyway.

15 March 2012

God is a Panadol

Weee I've been sick as a dog for several days now, and I would have died without Panadol!

I'm hardly ever sick, and when I am, I seem to always find a connection between the sickness and my psychological state.

My last several paintings were a failure and that hit me hard! I'm scared of failure. If I fail, I'd prove my mother right, and I HATE to prove my mother right! LOL!

Anyway, here's some positive energy for the day..

The 5 rules of happiness:

1- Free your heart from hatred.
2- Free your mind from worries.
3- Live simply.
4- Give more.
5- Expect less.

Right on.

Have a nice day.

صارت سنة الألفين *** وزبط البلد

صارت سنة الألفين *** وزبط البلد
وخلصت سنة الألفين *** وبقينا عالحدد
ورثنا ورطة كبيرة *** وطعمونا الفطيرة
شو حلو حظو للي يعيش *** بلبنان الألفين

صارت سنة الألفين *** وهبّو هالنواب
يحكو عن مشاريعن *** ويفتحو الأبواب
والقصة محسومة *** بجماعة العمومة
شو قصتك يلا قومي *** عالانتخابات

صارت سنة الألفين *** وكترو المرشحين
نزلو عالساحة بقوة *** و ترّسو الميادين
عايشين بـ بحبوحة *** وصواتنا مبحوحة
وكل ليلة أطروحة *** بلبنان الألفين

صارت سنة الألفين *** وتحرر الجنوب
وكثرت الضرايب *** وفضيت الجيوب
وتعبّت المواقف *** و صفـّـا كلو واقف
وانفضحت المواقف *** بتحرير الجنوب

صارت سنة الألفين *** وتغيرو الفصول
وهلكو الأراضي *** و فرمو الحقول
وما عاد في زريعة *** وصار عنا قطيعة
واللعبة فظيعة *** علينا يا شباب

صارت سنة الألفين *** وكثرت الأشغال
وما عاد في بطالة *** واغتنى المحتال
وأخذو لنا البوسطة ** وما عاد عنا واسطة
وأكلو المواسطة *** بلبنان الألفين

صارت سنة الألفين *** وصار الانسحاب
وخلصت القضية *** وفلينا عالبيت
والعقدة بعدا كبيرة *** وما خلصت الفطيرة
ويا دلي ويا تعتيري *** عالأخوة بالبيت

صارت سنة الألفين *** وإجا فصل الصيف
وكثرت الحرايق *** بموسم الكيـْـف
والحرايق مقصودة *** والطفاية مفقودة
والخطة مدروسة *** لفتح الكسارات

صارت سنة الألفين *** و عبّو الـ بسينات
ونزلنا تشمسنا *** وهبّت النسمات
وعملنا برونزاج *** وحلقنا رازاج
وعملونا لافاج *** وقلنالن يا ريت

صارت سنة الألفين *** وضحكو علينا الناس
وركـّـبو مقلتنا *** وصرنا بـ فرد لباس
وكل شي عملنا خير *** أخذن الطير
و فوَّتو لنا الـ "أ .." **** بالانتخابات.

السويسريون يصوتون برفض زيادة أيام الاجازات السنوية خوفا منهم أن يؤثر ذلك بالسلب على اقتصاد الدولة

جتنا نيلة في شعوبنا الهباب إنديد

11 March 2012

Presenting Egypt

Next week I'm starting a series of presentations about Egypt at N.'s school.

Kind of nervous.

We'll see.


Second day so far.. Did a huge work of art with stencils + small ones for the (bigger) kids to take home. They loved it- yaay.

09 March 2012

At Last.. Starting At The Drawing Board.

I am starting an art degree at the Zurich school of art!

Quarter a century late, but better late than never.

No matter how hard you try to force your child to do what you like, she will always end up doing what she likes, and *start* to live happily ever after.

Special thanks to all the people who came into my life to give me the positive energy to start this step. I truly love you and appreciate every moment, word, gesture, and ray of positive energy.



Anaheim, California arrived from on "GHAWAYESH غوايش: The Whores!" by searching for *Drom roll*

"are egyptian women sluts."

08 March 2012

Friends for Life..

Just a thought..

S., my new friend, is from Hamburg, and so is my husband, and I'm so happy it clicks between the boys, and I really hope they can become friends for life.

So he said: Let there be more Hamburgers.

The Neanderthal

I have this neighbor.


The first time we met was when he was moving in with the 3 other young men already living in the penthouse upstairs to our place.

My first encounter was like that: Blue beaten piece of crap parked in our parking space, which clearly states that it's for private use. He passes by a couple of times carrying his boxes and observing me while I had my car blocking the world waiting for the owner of the piece of shit.

Then I found out that he was the owner of the piece of shit.

- "Are you the owner of this (piece of shit) blue car please?"

- "Chuchichastli Chuchichastli Chuchichastli Chuchichastli".

- "Sprechen Sie Hochdeutsch bitte?"

- "Zat *was* Hochdeutsch".

I die a little.

- "Ist das (Stück Scheiße) Ihr Auto?"

- "Ja".

- "Ummm, das ist mein Parkplatz".

- "So?"


I look around checking were the TV cameras are probably hidden.

Turning back to face him, I carefully check him out, trying to figure out what exactly is wrong with him.

He does look like a Neanderthal. But, for the benefit of the doubt, I'll give him another chance.

- "See that car (blocking the Milky Way) there? I need to park it there, where your (piece of shit) car is standing at the very moment".

- "Oh. Do you know where I can park my car?"

In the nearest cemetery.

- "You can use our parking spot on the other side of the building for today".

I smile, pretending to be a nice person. My face hurts, cracks, and falls off. So I suddenly stop faking it.

Four months on.

Day in, day out, day, and night: Ka-Djuuuung-Ding. Ka-Djuuuung-Ding. Ka-Djuuuung-Ding. Ka-Djuuuung-Ding. Ka-Djuuuung-Ding. Ka-Djuuuung-Ding.

Neanderthal likes music. Death metal music. Literally.

Neanderthal also likes to party. last party started Friday night and ended Monday morning.

I'm fine. I'm fine.

I mean hey, I'm from Cairo! Uh uh! The most annoying Swiss cannot within several light years reach the annoyance level of an Egy-neighbor.

Waking up suddenly like a spear on very loud sounds. It's still dark.. I think it is 4-5 AM. OMFG! Neanderthal reached a new high on the WTF-scale!

Uhh- boom- uhh- uhh - AAAAh- BOOM BOOM BOOM. Uhh- boom- uhh- uhh - AAAAh- BOOM!

He is actually jumping and screaming as hard as he could! And it seemes like he is enjoying it. I hope to God, for someone's sake, that is not a session of sex, because if it were, I think his partner must have broken 86 ribs at the least.

I sit on my bed, trying to come in terms with what's happening (I have my own bedroom, so, no one witnessed the saga but me.)

Now what? I really can't sleep! I mean, yes I'm a guest in this country and I have to be polite, but the detailed integration course never mentioned anything about neighbors jumping and screaming at 4 AM.

I check my notebook. Usually reading Twitter for some minutes puts me back to sleep.

Still jumping and screaming.

I try to think of funny things to say to myself. I always do that when feeling like a damsel in distress.

So I come up with a tongue twister. And I say it out loud.

"Neanderthal leaped a leap of leopard Leopold.
Did Neanderthal leap a leap of leopard Leopold.
If Neanderthal leap a leap of leopard Leopold,
Where's the leap of leopard Leopold Neanderthal leaped?

He jumps Sue Mumps by the seashore.
And the jumps he jumps are hump jumps I'm sure."


I'm boring myself to sleep. Mission accomplished.


04 March 2012

My Current Work of (Non) Art.. Part 9

Fail! Tried to do it a la Francoise Nielly but it's just so wrong!

I feel like a pile of shit. Hehe.

03 March 2012


I've just effed up a painting of my little boy.

Try again...

02 March 2012


My dear friend Aliaa Magda El-Mahdy has just made it to Europe!

Thank you Europe!

01 March 2012

Viva Switzerland

Someone has just deposited quarter a million Euros in our account by mistake.

I'm envisioning some guy now saying:

"Oops where did my quarter a million go?"


Gotta love this country!

The Beers Are On Merkel

I love her reaction! Great lady!

Imagine this happening to one of our presidents. He would have stood up, gotten his gun out, shot the waiter in the nuts, ordered his guards to chop him open, ungutted him, and threw his liver to the dogs. And to make sure this would never repeat, he would bombard his village to the ground.

Yeah. Welcome to the Middle Schießt!

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