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09 March 2012

At Last.. Starting At The Drawing Board.

I am starting an art degree at the Zurich school of art!

Quarter a century late, but better late than never.

No matter how hard you try to force your child to do what you like, she will always end up doing what she likes, and *start* to live happily ever after.

Special thanks to all the people who came into my life to give me the positive energy to start this step. I truly love you and appreciate every moment, word, gesture, and ray of positive energy.



Charafantah said...

Or...You try to force your child to do what you think is best for him, your child is so stubborn and drops it.
A quarter of a century later, your "child" is disappointed when he learns that he cannot start playing violin at this age!

Anyway, congratulations and good luck :)

Raouf said...

Congratulations, I hope it turns out to be everything that you hope for.

Art takes vision to see truths that others have passed by or refuse to acknowledge. It also takes courage because invariably there is an element of pain in bringing forth that vision, in addition to the resistence that some will express for that vision.

You have both courage and vision as well as a sense of humor that will help you over the rough spots.

Best of luck

Valentina said...

I'm an AUC student, researching on women’s empowerment through blogging for my thesis. Would u please send me ur email in a message? Thanks!

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