An Egyptian living in Europe but her heart stayed back home. Having some random thoughts about the before and after pictures. Ghawayesh means bracelets. In my context it symbolizes the cuffs of my culture. I don't know if I like them or hate them. Thanks for passing by.

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I started this blog in 2006 as a joke. Now that I look back, I have decided to take it seriously!

09 March 2012


Anaheim, California arrived from on "GHAWAYESH غوايش: The Whores!" by searching for *Drom roll*

"are egyptian women sluts."

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Raouf said...

I usually check the blogs that I follow (including this blog) from an RSS reader without visiting each page separately, but every once in a while I check this site directly.
Everytime I did this I notice the application on the bottom left indicating the recent visitors to this blog and the entry they were reading.
It never fails, there is always someone reading the entry on hymen repair.
It turns out I had never read this entry so I went to check it out.
When I did I burst out laughing but also felt very sad that this would be such a consuming issue for those who are consulting it.
Unfortunately one cannot tell if those reading this article are men or women.
My guess is that more men than women would be reading this entry.

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