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15 March 2012

God is a Panadol

Weee I've been sick as a dog for several days now, and I would have died without Panadol!

I'm hardly ever sick, and when I am, I seem to always find a connection between the sickness and my psychological state.

My last several paintings were a failure and that hit me hard! I'm scared of failure. If I fail, I'd prove my mother right, and I HATE to prove my mother right! LOL!

Anyway, here's some positive energy for the day..

The 5 rules of happiness:

1- Free your heart from hatred.
2- Free your mind from worries.
3- Live simply.
4- Give more.
5- Expect less.

Right on.

Have a nice day.


Raouf said...

I love those rules of happiness.

But if I were you I would look a bit more closely at this fear/hate of failure

Failure is the foundation of change which is absolutely necessary to break from one's self-definition and self-limitations. It is a pre-requisite to any growth.
This theme will come back over and over again in many forms.
I am not saying to love your failures but view it as a messenger bringing you a very important hint.

All great breakthroughs came from so called failures.
Treat it as a puzzle that the Universe is teasing you with to see what you make of it.
Ask others around you for how they deal with it.
(please don't look at it as a "challenge", that is not the spirit of this quest)

Notice your intelligence is also telling you that your sickness is related to your psychic state.
Things are starting to get serious so keep paying attention specially how events, feelings from various directions converge together.

Does the word "transmutation" mean anything to you?

Keep turning stones until you feel something REAL speaks to you.

Ghawayesh said...

Raouf, bless your positive energy. Thank you. xx

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