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28 March 2012

Moon Over Zurich

Spring is back in town..

Time changes things.

 Things change places.

Places change feelings.

Feelings change tones.

Tones change with time.

And time just keeps going on.

Hence, time is the only constant in our lives. It's a fact of Physics, aaaay? \tau (tau), is the rise time characterizing the response to a time-varying input of a first-order.

 My time-varying input of a first-order is Love.

My only constant is Time.

The time constant is used to characterize the frequency response of various signal processing systems – magnetic tapes,  radio transmitters and receivers.

Let's have a test:

My aim now: the moon, sending you love, and you should go brighter with time. 

Aren't you just gorgeous?

My second aim: You. Sending you love, and you should go brighter with time.

As I'm now sending you my love, you are feeling the energy of my lips touching your lips, and my nipples embracing your chest, and my womb safely landing in your soul. Then a magnificent explosion of love could be felt, not heard or seen, just felt and smelled and tasted. Just to you, for you, and in you.

Love changes in the time constant, but it can never be zero, and it shall never be negative.

Energy is matter.

You should feel me by now. My energy is there. Hence I'm there. The total amount of energy in an isolated system remains conserved over time. For an isolated system, this law means that energy can change its location within the system, and that it can change form within the system, but that energy can be neither created nor destroyed.

 It's a fact.

Like the  fact that I shall love you till I die. And perhaps beyond, my energy will keep on loving you.

The moon just gave me a sign back.

And I? I'll be here for a while, lovingly waiting for your sign.

For I believe in science.

Goodnight, moon over Zurich. 

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