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11 March 2012

Presenting Egypt

Next week I'm starting a series of presentations about Egypt at N.'s school.

Kind of nervous.

We'll see.


Second day so far.. Did a huge work of art with stencils + small ones for the (bigger) kids to take home. They loved it- yaay.


Raouf said...

You were a good teacher so I have no doubt that you would do very very well.

Let me make a couple of suggestions.
Before you begin, start asking them if they ever heard of Egypt and what they know
After a while you will have an idea about what they imagine it to be and you can start expanding their horizon and curiosity (and gently correct any misconceptions)
Bring with you things they can see and touch such as brass objects or inlaid boxes.
At the end ask them what else they wouild want to know about Egypt.
Make it interactive and you will have as much fun as they will

Ghawayesh said...

Merci Raouf. I already started today and it was great. I told them about the sun, earth, moon, then zoomed in to talk about countries, then we made a puzzle map of the world, then I read/showed a book about Egypt, then we went for treasure hunt to excavate Egyptian monuments that I had buried in the school garden earlier in the day. It was super.

Tomorrow we will paint and color and make stencils> :)

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