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11 April 2012

A Screw Won't Fit on another Screw

The title is an Egyptian saying.

So, again, I lost the chance to rent the place of my dreams for my new project. And I'm starting to get convinced that the Swiss really don't like foreigners, as the real estate dude was clearly lying through his teeth while rejecting my application.

Holland, 1999..

I was desperately looking for a new house. Every time I spotted a house of my liking, they rejected me for the fact that it was "too expensive for my income", as I was single, hence supposedly poor! LOL

So my friend Marjon, who's Dutch, suggested a brilliant idea, which was to take her husband along and pretend he's my (rich) boyfriend while viewing those potential homes.

It worked from the first attempt, and I lived for years in the hottest building in the city, with my oh-poor-little-foreign-girl salary. :/

Switzerland, 2012..

Foreign again, seeking a place for my project this time. Same shit, but to the power of 10. OK, admit it, write it on your sites and save your time and ours. "WE HATE FOREIGNERS". "NO FOREIGNERS ALLOWED INSIDE THE SHOP". Stuff like that, you know!

I could have tried the 1999 trick and asked a Swiss friend.

Only problem is, as a newcomer, you can easily make Swiss friends, WHEN THE HELL FREEZES OVER.

Never mind. Off to take my pill of Fuckitol.

Rant over.

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Charafantah said...

Personally, I think the part of "we hate foreigners" to be more German than Swiss or at least in Schweiz Deutsch. I can say that because I actually feel more priviliged being a foreigner than being Swiss, people are nicer and like to help more!

Concerning the part of making Swiss friends, Amen to that! The Swiss hide into their own social circles and they don't let anyone penetrate easily into it! But once you get in, they're adorable, funny and lovely people.

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