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28 June 2012

Cocoon Thoughts

I have recently managed to rent a  place, not far from home, where I can paint and be alone. I call it my cocoon.

For the outsider, the place looks like a tiny shop- while in fact that's only a very small part of a huge apartment attached to it. The place I happily chose to make a mess with paints and canvases.

There, I can be alone, I can be me. No responsibilities, no worries, no people, no negative energy. A much needed place like that is a must for everyone, I believe.

I finally received the positive energy of taking the step to be creative, after years of oppression by someone with negative energy who insisted that I did nothing but study something else.

But never mind that. 

As I sit there to paint, while an audiobook is making my soul richer, my brain sees things that I never noticed in my usually hectic universe.

Yesterday, as I was hanging around my cocoon with Richard Dawkins; he told me something amazing- or at least that's how I got to understand him saying: We are just waves of energy that come and go, which means that the person you were as a child, is not the same waves of energy that you are now, you are another new wave every day.

How about embracing this thought and receiving only the positively charged waves?

I'm a much happier person now, knowing more and more about the world from a scientific point of view, compared to the miserable days back when I was religious and ignorant.

Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will forever change me.

This reminds me of the fact that I am making a change in the world via Twitter, and I am loving the feeling that I can transfer the positive energy to those who are willing to receive it. That, my friends, is a great feeling of achievement.

Recently I finished a painting called: Love is in the Air. Each time I see it, I feel the love. Like it owns the energy I gave it to her!

Now, off to my cocoon.


Raouf said...

So wonderful to see you blooming on every branch, going through big and fundamental changes.
As big as this is, the big ones are yet to come, when you come full circle.
You are making a killing in twitter world, you have a style completely your own and it reflects your spirit as well as your joy. I am just surprised that none of your many followers do not take the time to come read your blog.

This post is so full of interesting angles, I wish we were sitting in a coffee house for a couple of hours like I just did with my university friend of fourty years ago. We had a blast.

The remark about the negative energy is right on, so is the one about happiness coming only from within.
Have you tried to do meditation before starting your painting, a friend of mine studied painting and caligraphy in Kyoto said it made it took him a few stages ahead.
An artist is really a midwife bringing out the baby without hurting it. The less the outside world interferes in this process the better.
Also do not shy away from exploring your dark side, it is not at all the same as negative energy but it is a very powerful force and particularly so in your case, most people are afraid of their dark side, you are not, which is wonderful.

Try experimenting with reading some inspirational literature, let me suggest
The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho or The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.
See if these give your soul any "hints"

Good luck to you

Raouf said...

Sorry for the long quote but I thought this passage is really relevant to what you are going through:

Philosophers hold that all great ideas come from as act of transcendence
rather than from logic, which infers that the conceiver takes on the
characteristics of the artist. (Speaking of artists: According to Joseph
Campbell, it is those certain special artists who have the insights from acts
of transcendence in such a way that they become the ones who update our
rituals, traditions and mythologies; who interpret the current realities. See
The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell with Bill Moyers, 99-100). The
flash of insight is more of an experience than a result of reasoning. It comes
through the conceiver more so than from the conceiver. The prior
preparation of the conceiver is key. Without the right kind prior preparation
one does not know what to even look for; one would not be able to recognize
or even perceive a flash of insight; the stimuli for the flash of insight would
be like the proverbial pearls cast amongst swine.
It has been said that before many can know something, one or a few must
know it. Recalling something discussed earlier: In order to get a good idea,
you must have a lot of ideas and you throw out the bad ones. Likewise, it is
incumbent upon us to prepare a great many persons (young lions) to be in a
position to perceive these insights. For they come to people in all walks of
life and in all levels of society. However, those who have state-of-the-art
knowledge and who are functioning on the cutting-edge of their respective
fields stand the best chance of making the most profound impact.
So, to answer the question as to whence come the surges that “check,” “force
forward” and “push” humanity toward progress and advancing civilization:
they come from the evolving culture, the flow of events and the insights of
the people within them and their determined, persistent efforts. All of this
alludes to the charge and challenge that led to the founding of the W.E.B.
DuBois Learning Center: to help prepare as many of our lions cubs as
possible to enable them to fulfill their potentials when the time comes for
them to enter the world stage as young lions; to motivate them to strive for
enough self-determination and self-affirmation that will enable them to make
the world a better place for themselves, their families, their communities and
their world.

(end of quote)

The greatest work you do is that which you do on yourself. That is the only way the world changes. Internally first and foremost.
If you are not familiar with Joseph Campbell, get all the videos of the "Power of Myth" because this IS your journey. I promise you it will not be a waste of your time.
Please also notice how your revolt on narrow minded religion coincided with your great expansion.

Ghawayesh said...

Raouf, your comments always leave me quiet! P.s. I don't want many people to know that Ghawayesh is so and so. ;) Not because of anything other than I hate people to butt into my personal life, and I sometimes get personal here.

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