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25 June 2012

The Fascinating Phenomenon Called Individual Human Preferences

I bet most of us have been through this experience before: You see someone, you hold a certain feeling about them; be it like or dislike, love or hate, then some time later on, the feeling changes 180 degrees for no apparent reason. They are the same people, and you are the same you; but your feeling about them has simply changed. Your brain stopped producing those chemicals it used to produce upon seeing them.

I once met a guy whom I thought was fat and sort of annoying. I didn't know why exactly- but he just got on my nerves whenever I saw him.   Later on I found him sort of attractive, then very sexually appealing, then I was madly in love with him, then, out of nothing at all- he jumped back to block 1: Annoying as hell- he actually suddenly reminded me of a pig! I ended up avoiding looking at him- even from afar, just to spare myself the nauseating feeling he gave me.

Note the "nauseating" feeling.

Has anyone researched that before?

After some Googling I found this interesting study by an Israeli research team:

Imagine taking a course of antibiotics and suddenly finding that your sexual preferences have changed. Individuals who you once found attractive no longer have that special allure. That may sound far-fetched, but some fruit flies at Tel Aviv University have just gone through that very experience. They’re part of some fascinating experiments by Gil Sharon, who has shown that the bacteria inside the flies’ guts can actually shape their sexual choices.
The guts of all kinds of animals, from flies to humans, are laden with bacteria and other microscopic passengers. This ‘microbiome’ acts as a hidden organ. It includes trillions of genes that outnumber those of their hosts by hundreds of times. They affect our health, influencing the risk of obesity and chronic diseases. They affect our digestion, by breaking down chemicals in our food that we wouldn’t normally be able to process. And, at least in flies, they can alter sexual preferences, perhaps even contributing to the rise of new species.

Amazing- isn't it?!

Could we fall out of love because of some changes in our food? Drinks? Medications?

Nature never fails to fascinate me.

I'm fascinated.  

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