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25 June 2012

First Time Sex

- "Mama, I finished breakfast."

 - "Good sweetheart, now please go wash your hands then take your clothes off and wait for me in the shower."

Washes his hands, sneaks out towards Wii, giving me this look of: Let's see if you'd forget about the shower.

- "Aaa, back to the shower and take off your clothes, you're thinking I might forget?" :)))

*Gasp* - "How do you know what I was thinking?"

- "I'm your mama. Mamas can look into their babies' eyes and see through them to their brains and read their thoughts. I can tell when you're happy or sad or hungry or angry or lying or tired or sick."

- "Can papas do that too?"

- "Yes but less than the mamas."

- "Why?"

- "Because you came out of my tummy, I feel you more. Papa only gave the seed."

- "How did papa give the seed?"


- "Well.. We hugged and kissed... And.."

- "And what?"


- "We had sex."

*Horror movie music and screams in the background*

- "What is sex?"


- "That's, when, a, a.. a, a penis.. Errr, goes, errrrr, ummm,  inside a vagina."


- *Squeaks and Giggles* and runs away.

Here, I said it. I told my 7-year-old  son about sex. Now shoot me.


Raouf said...

We heard from a friend that something similar happened to them.

Their boy was 8 and he asked "the question" so his father told him that it is a serious matter and he will explain it to him in detail.
So he gave him the full story and the boy was processing all this with interest.
Then he asked him if he understood it all and if he had any questions.

The boy said, I only have one question:
How do you keep from laughing when you do it?

Not everything can be fully explained until the time is right.

Ohio said...

You sould run for the MB.
Love your blogs

game01 said...

I don't mind - educating a 7-year old kid about sex, in fact, its way more better that they learn something about it from their parents rather than somewhere else. videos de xxx

Ghawayesh said...

Thanks everyone. Sending you love. xx

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