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27 June 2012

Having What Never Belonged

At my work I come across many people with psychological problems about their bodies. We have to meticulously question them and make sure they are psychologically normal (is anyone normal?!!) before we move on to the next step.

Back in Holland, we had a guy who came to us crying at least 50 times, just uninvited to our door (we always live and work in the same building), to beg us to help him out. My husband always refused because he believed that our service would not improve his mental state; so it would be considered cheating to make him pay so much money and still be depressed. (Don't you just love an ethical man!)

His mother called us crying too. And after so many talks, we decided to help him- knowing that it was going to be useless, but we just gave up and gave in!! (What?!)

We offered our service, the results were super.. He looked much better, alas he never felt better about himself. He still came to us crying and complaining that he still never managed to have a girlfriend!

Fast forward 6 months, while watching TV, a program called "Missing" (why on earth were we watching it?!), we hear his name and see his picture. He escaped from a mental clinic were he was admitted for severe depression.

Oh.. My.. =(

Later on, he was found hanging on a tree.

Sad and alone, looking good, dead.

That was alomst 10 years ago, yet I still think of him on regular basis.

How many of us want things thinking they will make us happy, yet they are going to make us miserable?

How do we find out? I guess the only way is to have them and see what happens?


I see people in Egypt who think "things" can make them happy, while people in Switzerland often have "everything" yet many seem so unhappy! 

The lesson I learned from that experience; is to not want something so badly, thinking it would be the solution for all your problems, or the secret of your happiness.

 Because most probably it won't.

Because happiness comes not from outside, but from within. 


Ohio said...

Domo says
You are very rare as an Egyptian female or male.You are funny, thoughtful, and inteligent. I came across your site through the Sandmonkey's blog.

Ghawayesh said...

Thanks Domo, happy to have you. xx

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