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08 June 2012

Holy Schiisdräck!

Was in the city for lunch and some shopping (work day was cancelled yaaay).

Restaurant in the Bahnhofstrasse, very tiny space, so another older Swiss couple asked to join in on our table.

We were flipping through a holiday booklet.

Two minutes later, the people start talking to us and suggest the best spots in the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O

Vot? Swiss people talk to strangers? Not even that.. Swiss people talk, PERIOD?

We talked and talked and talked and talked and talked.. And behold; they laughed! I swear on all my shoes I saw them laughing!

And every couple of sentences I was like: "Where did you say you were from again?"

Holy Schiisdräck! I've just spotted Swiss people who talk© ® ℗ !!!

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Raouf said...

Those Swiss are tough to crack. Nice surprise.

Once in Napa Valley we were sitting next to another couple and the place was tight.
They invited us to have part of their dessert (it was huge).
We also talked and talked, they invited us to their house afterwards and served us refreshments and gave us a big bag of persimons, they had a big tree producing much more than they can use.
The man used to be a mayor and his city had a sister city in Japan so he ended up also with dozens of high quality sake bottles, he gave us one. We don't drink sake but took it out of politeness.

Here people make friends instantly if you have children or if you have dogs.

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