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14 June 2012

Humor Murderers

I am known to be a funny bunny. Even my husband claims that I'm one of the funniest people he'd ever met- we thrive on laughter. 

However, due to my second nature of trying to adjust to the culture of the country I live in; I am slowly but surely quitting my sense of humor around the Swiss.

Tough job for an Egy-Dutchie but it seems vital to keep your mouth shut around Swiss people, especially any attempt to bust any funny line in any sort of conversation.

No matter what I say that would sound clearly funny or sarcastic, they take it literally and seriously. Some even give a rude answer back!! It's like the dialogue of the deaf!!

I'm throwing in the towel for trying to make any Swiss person laugh.

Swissos, you get no laughing from me. Yeah.

Thou shalt stayth miserable.


The Goddess of Comedy


Charafantah said...

This is an unpractical advice, but i would recommend you to move to the french part (Romandie), my experience here is totally different :)

I am starting to believe that being unfunny is a requirement to speak "Schweizerdeutsch"

Ohio said...

Domo Says;
Current Swiss descend from generations perfected an environment protective to money of thieves and murders (i.e. Swiss Banks) . Accordingly they learnt to be overly cautious, very careful not to show their emotions. Same phenomena in current Russia where most people grown under Soviet regimes were very, very careful not openly to show smile, or emotions, afraid of bringing attentions of secret security eyes around them. Am I totally wrong !!!!?????

Ghawayesh said...

Ha ha Ohio, perhaps it is so!

Charafantah, will have a look into that ;)

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