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29 June 2012


Finally gave in and got an iPhone. My previous phone was a 50 dollar-Nokia with no more than 20 pixels or so.

I had a rule never to use the phone except for texting and phoning for emergencies. I  never wanted to end up looking like those zombie asocial idiots whom you would be talking to, while they're busy checking out their phones in total trance. That rude behavior exhibited by those retards drive me mad, and I never wanted to be one of that clan, ever.

But, at a certain point, you realize that you have to keep up with what the technology has to offer you. And so far, after a couple of months of having it, it has amazingly been so useful that I'm already wondering how I managed to survive in the pre-iPhonic era. Doh! Silly me. (Note to self: Goddamn bitch how many times have I told you not to use this "Silly Me" shit?)

Excuse my Swahili; it's a hot day.

Now, the challenge is not to slowly end up looking and behaving like those mobile slaves. I just loathe the sight of them! Last I remember was a scene from that Egyptian cafe in Dubai, buttloaded with the usual mega gigantic Egyptian cows, accompanying their 9-month-pregnant husbands, and all, and I mean all of them- which were a number between 300 and 500 people; did not exchange one word throughout their outing, for all I know!

Is that what we want? For the mobile phones to become extensions of our bodies? To replace people with machines? I've already had my share with that, and I'm an Internet addict since 1997! But at least I don't act like a total mobile zombie. Just not yet, and hopefully not ever. That is the challenge I'm taking.

Oh and by the way:

DSM-5 lists Internet addiction among mental illnesses! 

Oh yeah baby. I have at least one (more) DSM diagnosis now, and I have no plans of having it show on me in public. I'll hide it like all my other psychopathies. 



Raouf said...

Congratulations, many had the same impression as you but as soon as they started to use the technology, it was a different story.
My doctor resisted getting one for eight years but cannot live without it now because she uses it to get the CPT codes

What apps appeal to you the most and what you want to do with it?

I don't have an iPhone but have an Android, the best app I like is Google Sky (which you cannot get for iPhone) but I also can pay my bills and can check how far my car is charged.

I understand that one does not want to be like a zombie but this is a small computer and it is very convenient to carry.
All the tweets that came from Tahrir were from cell phones.

There are also things that become possible that were before unthinkable, today you can have a face to face conversation through skype across continents, it used to be that calling Egypt by phone would cost $5 every minute.

P.S. The Dubai Cafe is Fatafeet?

Ohio said...

In Canada the desease called BlackBerry, and the symptom is clearly visible in the office meetings arranged to discuss/resolve issues and every 10-15 minutes you hear the ring and a person in the room get engaged in readin/writting text-messaging ... Bless your Iphone hope it won't rule you as such..

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