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13 June 2012

The Montessori Miracle

Until two years ago I would mock anyone who would send their kids to an arty farty Montessori.

Two years forward; my big boy is going through some sort of a Montessori miracle!

Due to the fact that his previous school was in a village where posh families were concentrated; where the parents are always away and the kids grow emotionless with nannies and caregivers; the school was full of spoiled rude little assholes. My son was being constantly bullied.

Our pediatrician; who also happens to be a close friend (he's French but has been living here for millenniums already),  suggested a Montessori school. He said it was more suitable for G's sensitive character. Back then I laughed the idea off, and thought: they don't learn much in that type of  free education!

I was wrong. I was very very wrong.

G. comes back home with an incredible amount of information! He can even calculate already! And read! And he's growing to be so self-confident- in a good way- and at peace with himself! And they learn to be kind and attentive and helpful to others in the most heartwarming way. Bonus: All that without even having homework!

When I was a student; I wanted to become a teacher to do all things I wish I had but didn't. I even was planning to start a school with all the things I wanted to have for my kids, but now I see that the Montessori is doing the job as good as I wanted to be, and I'm happy.

Now it's time for my children to have the education I wish I had but couldn't.

Seeing happiness in my son's eyes to go to school- that sparkle I never had- means the world to me. I want him to be happy, loved and fulfilled with the sense of security with his own creativity and ingenuity, rather than stressed with the sense of competition and fear of the authority.

The other day it suddenly hit me that perhaps I should work on starting a higher Montessori school, because they don't have that in Zurich; and to my astonishment; Queen Bee is starting one! (Queen Bee is the nick I gave the ever-active mom L.S. of our school. That woman is like Energizer Bunny!!)

This video touched me like no other.. I'll leave you with it:

With love.


Raouf said...

That is such a wonderful video.

Also wonderful is that you have changed your mind. That is a sign of intelligence and being tuned to what is REALLY important, but we knew that already.

We are so used to what we have been trained in, that other ways do not seem right to us. I also used to think this is an easy do-nothing school.
Most people believe in hard work (which means pain and suffering) and discipline the word discipline means to learn but everyone today uses it to mean correct and punish.

Montessori is also a great fit for G. because he is talented but delicate and the world can easily bruise him. His confidence will give him the toughness that he will need to face the world. N. however is another story. But that is really the point, each one of us is a different story. A good teacher listens and observes and channels the flow instead of dictating it.

Glad for you and for G.

Ghawayesh said...

R., I love you. xx

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