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23 June 2012

The Party

Had our end-of-year summer festival at the boys' school yesterday. It was a nice chance to have a small talk with everyone whom I never get the chance to talk to during our hectic drop & pick-up times. Lovely.

It was a potluck and my salad ran off first yaay! Hehe!! I'm glad I remembered to get bread because no one else did and it was well needed. Note to self: From now on;  in every potluck, always bring bread! It's one of those basic and simple stuff that we tend to look over in life. It reminds me of that news: You know there's famine in Yemen, right? (shame if you don't), and what do some Arab charity doers do? They send them shipments of Quran and Hijabs for the little girls! I didn't know you could eat those! :/

I had a good talk with my Hamburger friend over the school, and she told me things that need to be taken seriously about the Montessori vs mainstream schools. And that made me decide to have a talk with the school director; so as to set the record straight on how to manage a peaceful transition to high school. I will also call for a meeting with all the (concerned) parents.

 What I loved the most is the drinks stand! The children were standing there mixing us free cocktails for 4 long hours! Astonishing!

It was so nice to see G. interacting with his friends. Too sad that 4 are leaving next year due to moving home. =(

The best part was when the kids sang in the middle of the street.. While I was loving it, it hit me in the face that they were singing a religious song! Huh?!! Isn't this a secular school? I suddenly recalled that atheist American scientist who sued his daughter's school for forcing her to learn about religion! I did however let it go and sang along! I mean, duh!

My friend from India had her family visiting all the way from New Delhi, while I was warmly greeting them; they were shaking their heads like Indians do and for some reason  this makes me burst out laughing!! Need to train on not doing that!!

It was sunny, warm, and *delicious*. ;)

Happy day.

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