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28 June 2012


Just got back from my art class..

By next week, I will have finished 24 hours of studying at the SKDZ.

I have to get this off my chest before I go to bed.

In those 24 hours, I will have learned things I could have learned in, say, 2 hours maximum in a private lesson- let alone the difference in cost.

What the hell are these people thinking?!! You call that art education? Really??!!

That's more than a 1000 Francs, and a lot of time and effort and childcare expenses, down the phuquing drain!!

Lesson learned;  SKDZ; never again!

Oh, and the stupid goddamn Italians outside, shut it and go to bed already- it's just a lame football match, while you're making it sound like you found a cure of cancer!

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